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Achievements acquired

Some of the outstanding achievement that Free Safety has been achieved through the years:

In Achievements

The prize "businessman, Entrepreneur of the year"-the same year President Truong Tan Sang.


The award by the Association of small and medium enterprises to combine free business training Institute held on 12-01-2016 aimed at honoring those businesses and entrepreneurs of the year are contributing to the development of the country economy and empowering, Vietnam's image in the international arena.


President Truong Tan Sang Award for Mr. Nguyen Khac Scallops and congratulating An enterprise is typical of small and medium enterprises Association, 2015


An honored as enterprise ranks 19/100 leading brand-Vietnam


Is the sponsor of the Office-Service the work of the South, the southern Works Bureau-Ministry of science-technology, Vietnam television station (VTV9), small business association Vietnam (VINASME SECURITIES), medium & Union of Vietnam Business Development Sciences (VEDSU) has honored the company's VA brand shares An TMTH ceremony "honoring the leading brand in Vietnam 2015" , which was broadcast live at 8:30 on 15/11/2015 on VTV9-Vietnam television station.


Standard certificate of international quality management ISO9001:2015


In addition to the certificate of quality management standard ISO9001 international: the first and only for the 2015 ice machines stainless steel power-saving VA5T Park in Vietnam by 2015, an also get the certificate or certificates of exclusive brand for the product lines of pure water filter RO. etc. , the typical customers in and out of water An even as Vietnam milk joint stock company (Vinamilk), Diana Corporation BAC Ninh, Vietnam, samsung co., Ltd Lusun co., Ltd of Saigon, Jiin Huei Vina co., Ltd



Won the golden Shower Trophy


The golden Shower trophy was founded in 2001, which is the value given to the typical business fair import and export and consumption-Eximpo Vietnam.

The trophy was the Scientific Council and national judges (by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry and the Union of scientific and engineering society appointed Vietnam) reviews.


Gold Medal Vietnam goods of high quality


On 17-10-2009 AN TMTH Corporation honored with gold medal award every Vietnam high quality-standard suitable for products related to water and pure water filter chains.

Some big clients are typical of An Encyclopedia:

+ Vietnam dairy company Vinamilk


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+ Jiin Huei Vina co., Ltd


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+ Diana BAC Ninh, JSC


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+ Ho Chi Minh Lusun co., Ltd


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