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Ice maker technology

Maintenance of equipment in the system cold storage, ice machine

Maintenance of equipment of air-vapor may lam vien skin -Discharge the ice cooler: When the tape sticking on the heat will increase much cooler back of cooler, the air flow going through the staging of clogged, reducing the air flow, in some cases clogging the impeller, the fan motor not turn motor burn. So must ... ... xem thêm

The problem of water in the cooling system

Cooling system is the indispensable part of day chuyen da vien. The water used in the cooling tower which acts as thermal media, we get heat and waste heat out of the air by evaporation. Depending on quality of initial water the resource level in the water in the system will gradually appear the following ... ... xem thêm

The role, the position of the equipment condense in the cold system

Role equipment condenser Condensing equipment has the task of condensing gas overheating after the compressor the refrigerant liquid state. The process of condensation device's work has influenced the decision to pressure and condensation temperature and therefore affect the effectiveness and safety of refrigeration systems work in the leather garment vien. When condensing equipment work poorly, ... ... xem thêm

Check the air conditioning broken block (compressor)

1. Check the coils of the compressor may daa) check touching the casing-remove the wires from the compressor.-Put the meter and measure resistance between Rx1K scale visions with the shell-(pipe parts). If the resistor under the 1000K (1 m) is the compressor casing untouched–> instead of the compressor. b) check coil-Latest Rx1 scale meter and measure ... ... xem thêm

Maintenance of pumps, fans, cooling tower

Cooling tower: -Check the operation of the cooling towers, the propeller reduction gearbox, pumps, belt, ria shaft water distribution.-sanitary plastic mesh periodic water dissipation (heat sink plate, filling cooling tower)-bẫn condensate Discharge at the bottom of the cooling tower, sanitation, water change.-check line of activity of môtơ pump, fan, working status of the float valve. ... ... xem thêm

Some note when using ice machines mini Park

Mini Park ice machine not only used in industrial food production, but also in small families travellers. Air stone mini Park may encounter some problems such as not enough cold to create stone or stone to create member does not guarantee the quality or desired shapes. When a member of the rock machine, you have ... ... xem thêm

Instructions for use and storage cold storage Pallet

Pallet construction materials is indispensable in the warehouses, as well as when shipping goods, specifically made stands preserved cargo in cold storage of stone production line, An please guide how to use this material properly. Friction requirements For the product Pallet, the coefficient of friction control is necessary. Need attention to the coefficient of friction ... ... xem thêm

Advantages of PU panels in cold storage

PU Panel applications in the refrigeration system may san nuoc crude skin of An PU Panel is the core insulation Polyurethane insulation and some other additives. The two sides in and out or i-colorbond tole wrap nox 0.45 thick ÷ 0, 5 mm. Panel thickness from 50 ÷ 300 mm, maximum length: 19 m, width: ... ... xem thêm

Head into the water for the ice machine cleaner

Rocky needs a pure tablet on the market is increasingly large. Do not trust in the quality of the stone tablets on the market, many restaurants, hotels, Cafe has outfitted may lam tinh khiet skin to serve internal needs and self-reliance on food safety. However, the majority of the pure ice manufacturing import requires water ... ... xem thêm

The type of gas on cold clean ice machine system

R22, R410A and R32 is the type of gas being used on the system. So we have these characteristics? Use the type of gas that would be the best cooling capacity? The type of gas that would be safe for? Gas R22 Gas R22 is the type of gas used first on the system may ... ... xem thêm