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Advice do hot water filter wells

If you are living in the big city, the borehole water filter may sound quite strange but for the countryside then this really is the hot issue, by according the statistical report, the water sources here are heavily contaminated by impurities, iron, manganese, arsenic.  While economic conditions remain difficult despite know but the people it ... ... xem thêm

Direct drinking water purifier

Direct drinking water softener really useful during the today's busy life. Just invest a modern water filter is that you can own yourself safe water sources, sure. However there remains no less users also fret about the quality of the water has been processed, whether the water has passed through the filter machine drink directly? ... ... xem thêm

Maintenance of equipment in the system cold storage, ice machine

Maintenance of equipment of air-vapor may lam vien skin -Discharge the ice cooler: When the tape sticking on the heat will increase much cooler back of cooler, the air flow going through the staging of clogged, reducing the air flow, in some cases clogging the impeller, the fan motor not turn motor burn. So must ... ... xem thêm

Only the number of TDS?

Only the number of TDS is often referred to as the measurement test water sources, so what is TDS? This indicator is related to water resources and how to reduce this index in water? What is TDS? TDS: Total Dissolved Solids '-total dissolved solids, is the total number of ions carry charge, including minerals, salts ... ... xem thêm

The problem of water in the cooling system

Cooling system is the indispensable part of day chuyen da vien. The water used in the cooling tower which acts as thermal media, we get heat and waste heat out of the air by evaporation. Depending on quality of initial water the resource level in the water in the system will gradually appear the following ... ... xem thêm

Ion exchange resin handle water softening

Introduction to Ion Exchange Resins of cong listen loc nuoc RO In principle, ion exchange materials are substances not soluble and contain the ions can be easily exchanged with other ions in solution react with it. This Exchange does not alter the physical properties of ion exchange materials. Many natural substances such as protein, cellulose, ... ... xem thêm

The role, the position of the equipment condense in the cold system

Role equipment condenser Condensing equipment has the task of condensing gas overheating after the compressor the refrigerant liquid state. The process of condensation device's work has influenced the decision to pressure and condensation temperature and therefore affect the effectiveness and safety of refrigeration systems work in the leather garment vien. When condensing equipment work poorly, ... ... xem thêm

Folded paper filter core PE

Folded paper filter core PE selective filter material for polyester fibers, once formed and folded around the Center bar PVC and paste the whole into two top lid PP. (applications in the RO water treatment system) Specifications: Filter length (L): 10 "(254), 20" (508mm), 30 "(762mm), 40" (1016mm) outside diameter (OD): 2-3/4 "(65 mm), 4-1/2" ... ... xem thêm