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VA5T Stainless Steel Beer Ice

VA5T Stainless Steel Beer Ice

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VA5T Stainless Steel Beer Ice 
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Genuine VA 
ISO 9001 - 2015 

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Máy làm đá viên inox VA5T

Máy làm đá viên inox VA5T

Factory premises:

To produce bottled purified water effectively with Inox VA5T, customers need to prepare a site plan below:

Sơ đồ mặt bằng Hệ thống máy làm đá sạch

VA5T Power saving stainless steel exported tube ice making machine

Viet An General trading joint stock company formerly known asViet An general trading LTD., was equitized from 08/2009, is the leading company of water filtration lines, filling lines import and distribution, manufacturing stainless steel exported tube ice making machine with VA-USApec-Vinaro brands, is No. 1 quality in Vietnam.

mat bang xuong-kho nho

After almost 20 years of building and growth, Viet An JSC. has received “2009 Gold Medal – High Quality Vietnamese Goods” , “2009 Golden lotus cup – High Quality Vietnamese Goods”, “2015 Gold medal – Viet Nam leading brands”, “ISO9001-2015 standard certificate” of Viet An brand for Water filtration line and tube ice making machine production process,  especially to represent The Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises to meet and greet President Truong Tan Sang on January, 12th 2016.

With modern equipments, a professional production management, skilled technical teams, Viet An JSC. was and is providing to the market high quality products with reasonable prices, guaranteed progress to meet the different needs of customers at home and abroad.

International standards ISO9001-2015

Viet An’s exported tube ice making machine Model VA5T, capacity 5TPD is assembled and its quality is managed according to international standards ISO9001-2015 which is the most demanding standard nowaday. Viet An has exclusively registered VA brand no. 250969 and 250970 at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam.

VA5T Power saving ice making machine is produced at Viet An’s factory in Hanoi, Viet Nam. This is the largest scale ice maker factory in Viet Nam with an area of thousands of m2. Every year it could provide thousands of ice making machines for the domestic and international market.  Ice machines are distributed across the country with branches in Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City – Hue – Danang – Buon Ma Thuot and exported to Asean countries.

VA5T Stainless steel Exported tube ice making machine is number 1 quality product in Viet Nam, qualified to export to Asean countries and the world with best price compared to similar products on the market.

Technology saving 45% power

VA5T Stainless steel Exported tube ice making machine is applied USA’s latest energy saving technology saving 45% power consumption compared to other ice machine on the market.

VA5T Power saving SS Exported tube ice making machine has an automated and completely closed ice making process. Ice products have purity level qualified for Viet Nam 6-1/2010/BYT standard of Health Ministry on hygiene and food safety, USA’s international standard FDA and qualified to export to Asean community.

Increase machine’s working life expectancy by at least 15 years

With construction of industrial-strength stainless steel, including evaporator shell with stainless steel tubes, cutter system,  sump, refrigeration piping, etc…VA5T ice making machine is designed for durability and lasting performance, not corroded because of oxidation, well-adapted to climate conditions, increase machine’s working life expectancy by at least 15 years.

Stainless steel material helps cleaning VA5T  extremely simple, ensures food safety and hygiene for superior end product.

Other advantages of VA5T Stainless steel
VA5T ice making machine uses cooling methods according to international standard with solvent R22 imported directly from India, ensures safety for human health thanks to the good quality of finished product.

Because of good silencer system, VA5T ice making machine has small noise,  less affecting people around.


VA5T ice making machine has a very compact industrial designs,  makes installation simpler for customers. It is designed for 24/7 performance.


VA5T ice making machine has an automotive electrical system helps operating the entire process of ice making, automatically disconnects when there’re electrical problems, automatically adjust ice making time to have a satisfied hollow core.

Depending on demand,  VA5T ice machine has various types.When using for coffee, we use 18, 23, 27, 30mm diameter ice.When using for beer, we use 44, 48mm ice, when using for both coffee and beer, we use 34, 38mm diameter ice also known as multi-purpose ice …etc. There are many ways to choose a suitable ice machine for your needs. In North Vietnam, people tend to use multi-purpose ice while in South, Tay Nguyen and  The middle use coffee and beer ice.

The auxiliary equipments for VA5T ice machine include:

Cold storage

Commonly using a storage with dimension Length x Width x Height = 3 x 2 x 2 m = 12m3. With this volume, it could contain about 3 tons of ice, ensures there’s  ice to use in maintenance cases, power outage, storing ice at night or in rainy days.

Using the best white Styrofoam material , wrapped with two thick steel sheets, referred to as Panel and safety lock system ensure ice storage temperature stable about -4 to -9oC, with this temperature, ice becomes separate, doesn’t stick together when deliver to customers.

Packaging system

Are manufactured in stainless steel at Viet An’s factory, this system supports user efficient and effective in packing ice into bags to distribute to customers.

Water filtration systems

Customers can use sterilizing filtration system based on nanotechnology or RO technology to making ice because both of these systems are good for water quality which is qualified drinking water standards of Ministry of Health.

Water filtration systems based on nanotechnology don’t have wastewater and have low cost, usually from 15 million VND, ensure water for VA5T ice machine runs continuously throughout the day.

Water filtration systems based on RO technology have 50% or more of waste water, cost is from 30 million VND.