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Viet An Introduction

Video introduction to commercial joint stock company An aggregate:







-Abbreviation: VIETANGENTRA., JSC

-Head Office: No. 615 Naidu, Phu Thuong Ward, Dist. Ho Tõy, HO CHI MINH CITY. Hanoi.


           Address: Hanoi-Hcmc-Danang-Buon Ma Thuot (details at the bottom of the site)

           Phone: 04. 3758 9222/08 62 566 411

            Hotline: 0949 41 41 41/0943 41 41 41/0942 41 41 41

2. The history of establishment

Commercial Corporation General An established under the business registration license number 0103039539 by the Department of planning and investment in Hanoi on April 8, 2009. Subscribe change the 3rd, no. 0102966635, March 11, 2015.

* Active and mature process:

         Before 2008: specializes in importing and distributing water filtration equipment type with the name "general trade co., Ltd. Free Security".

         2008 established more pure water factory closed 18.9 L bottle and jar types (0.5 L; 0.75 L; …) with the CIOwater brand the company has brought the product into the hands of consumers. Sales reach 12,000,000 products/year.

         In 2009, expanding production and business activities to pure water, provision of equipment and construction of water treatment for many great works in North-Vietnam simultaneously converted into a joint stock company trade An aggregate.

         In 2009 An Vietnam goods received the gold medal for high quality bottled water products and the golden Shower trophy, played for pure water purification products.


         2010 investment in building more home mỏy mỏy ice production staff to improve the quality of purity for life of people, particularly in the year 2010 the company has also developed witnessed * a number of branches in the Central and far for the city of Dong HA-Quang Tri, the quality products of the company have also been Buddhist Church of Vietnam chose to do the product offer purified water for the temple, such as the pagoda of hundred stay in Good son-Hanoi.

         In 2011 the company has developed markets in the Central Highlands and the South to ensure the supply of goods and services on the market in the whole country with the phũng representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Buụn shalt not Blur Thuot.

         In 2011 the company is also the main contractor of the Corporation (the Ministry of public security) on the production of pure water filter dõy, running water for the prisoners of the camps from North to South as the K1 + K4 project in Thanh Ba-Phu Tho, 5-channel sewage system, pure water system in the detention camp of Tay Ninh-Banded Tree clean water Rich, Catholic-Pacific, etc.

          In 2011 Free An official is also the contractor of the whole Kim BOI mineral water-Peace with designed capacity 86,000,000 litres/year.

          In 2011 Free An as subcontractors of the municipality Vincom Gia Lam-Hanoi with the construction of electricity, water supply and drainage for the functional areas United Phoenix 1 + 2 + 3 and 3 + 7 + 8

          2012 Free Safety continues to be the main contractor of the Thai Paint company on supply and installation of machinery and equipment for water supply works in the Phuoc An internment camp the Bỡnh Ocean Front set up detention camps, the Phỳ Tho.

          2012 Free continuous Security signed the contract great value on providing pure water filter line for your area cỏc materials such as textiles. Hỡnh dictionary which is a contract with the Company Ltd. of South Korea at Vina Winners Húa Bar, your company is Korea's Cedo in BAC Ninh, thang Long Goshi company at the Indentations. An it partner, you found the OWL enterprises foreign investment capital from the organizations such as the WB cỏc, ODA, FDI in the field provide the products of processing of water.

          2013 An which gradually dominate the domestic market for the product pure Member feldspars ice machine industry An high quality building stone manufacturing heating process rules according to the technology of the United States of America.

          In 2013, the Free Safety is the contractor for the milk company Vinamilk, provide filtering and treatment lines in livestock.

          2014 is An enterprise of importing, distributing water filtration lines, producing pure tablets of stone.

          2015 received An exclusive trademark certificate ' ' VA ' ' and ' ' USApec ' ' for products ice machines and lines for pure water filter by intellectual level on 10/9/2015

Certificate of An exclusive brands:

   Anvifish brand certificateUSApec brand, certificates











2015 An ' Award ' of the Top 100 leading brands in Vietnam the year 2015 ' Consumer Report ' by the vote.


An ice machine and production line for the Water Purifier according to international standard ISO 9001-2015 the latest and most current eminence.

Day 12-01 2016 An honor to represent small and medium business association Vietnam received the Medal of the President Truong Tan Sang at the Presidential Palace, this is a huge honor to all employees An TMTH joint stock company, we promise to do better to deserve the trust of customers.