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Ice machines Park VA

When the Earth is increasingly heating up, the demand for the stone tablets to pure refreshment, preserving aquatic products. That demand comes from that very many individuals, organizations have invested in buying ice machines industry applications of new technology to produce clean, pure rock meets demand of the market today.

About ice machines Park VA

Due to the type of commercial corporation General An application in production technology in advanced manufacturing. The machine is produced and managed by ISO 9001:2015 and is a registered trademark of VA 250969 exclusively in intellectual Vietnam Bureau. Rock the Park finished products ensuring the purity of standard food safety 6-1-2010 BYT the Ministry of health, the FDA standard of the United States.


Currently there is An ice machine system produced by members with a fixed temperature, flake ice, stone cutters, systems discharging chutes of ice, floor systems and pipe components are made of high quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL, help your non-corrosive because Poker box. With full capacity from 60 kg to 100 tons on the day and night and the diversity of size of stone like 18, 23,,34,,44,,38 27.30 48 will serve the business needs of the stone tablets of all the individual units in the region.

Why should you use ice machines members of An IMPACT

  1. Application of ice machine the most advanced production technologies of the United States
  2. Can save up to 45% of the power consumption
  3. The machine is produced and managed by ISO 9001:2015
  4. Many of the ice machine parts are made from STAINLESS STEEL 304 over 15 years durability
  5. Using the method of cooling the international standard with R22 solvents imported directly from India
  6. Ice machines are designed according to ergonomic design
  7. Smart auto electrical systems, Auto Disconnect when there is trouble
  8. Stone Park and product standard of food hygiene and safety 6-1-2010 BYT the Ministry of health, the FDA standard of the United States
  9. Treadmill power with over 15 years of durability
  10. Your registered trademark exclusive VA
  11. Free installation on all over the country

Buy ice machines members of an industry impact you?

Commercial Corporation is proud to be An aggregate production ice machines stainless steel members, the largest IMPACT brand export country. An ice factory has 2 wide thousands square meters in me Linh, Quang Minh-Hanoi-Hoa Khanh industrial zone and Lien Chieu, Danang. At the same time with 4 branches in Hanoi, Hcmc, Buon Ma Thuot and Danang to customers can conveniently in the review and selection of favorable industrial ice machines.Alternatively you can contact directly with the number of hotline: 0949 414141 for advice, instructions more carefully selecting capacity as well as the stone size fit with its business area.

Note When buying ice machines Park va

To purchase your exact needs based on the needs the stone used as:
  • When the stone is often drink iced coffee drink size 18, 23, 27, 30.
  • When the stone is often used beer stone size 44, 48.
  • When used for both drinking iced tea, drink beer and drink coffee again using size 34, 38
  • In northern Vietnam often use universal rock
  • In the Southern Highlands and the Central stone commonly used beer and ice coffee.
Each ice machine only for rocks that do not change the size, can put a private rock out more rock size but higher costs quite a lot.

Auxiliary equipment for ice machines industrial park VA

You can purchase additional cold storage, packaging systems and water purification to produce lines of stones.+ Cold storage:
  • Size, length x width x height
  • Make sure there remains a stone used in case of machine maintenance
  • Area of the stone when it lost power
  • The stone store at night
  •  Area of rocks in a rainy day.
  • Use the White Sponge material encased in two layers of thick Pack is also respect the best panel.
  • Safety lock system ensures that the storage temperature is always rock stable in the range from-4 to-9° C
  • The stone becomes porous, sticky, matted when delivered.
cylinder depots

cylinder depots

+ Packaging system
  •  The system supports the user fast, compact and efficient
  • Conveniently close the stone into each bag, each bag to distribute to customers


+ Water filter chains:
  • Customers can use the system to filter the water sterilizer bacteria according to Nano-technology or technology to do rock the Park
  • The two systems are for standard water quality drinking water directly at the Ministry of health.
  • Water filtration system by nanotechnology do not have waste water and inexpensive often only from 15 million cost is to ensure water for your ice va export run continuously throughout the day.
  • Water filtration system RO technology is waste water from 50% or more, the cost is 30 million words can do


For more information about your stone you can visit the following link: Ice machines ParkOr maybe watch the video product introduction: