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Direct drinking water purifier

Direct drinking water softener really useful during the today's busy life. Just invest a modern water filter is that you can own yourself safe water sources, sure. However there remains no less users also fret about the quality of the water has been processed, whether the water has passed through the filter machine drink directly?

With many years experience in the water filter, An please you find out real clear this problem.

Direct drinking water purifier can clean

Comparison of water through the filter of drinking water directly with the boiled water to cool

Right from when we were little, we've learned that should not drink water not over boil because contains more bacteria and harmful impurities. Yet water has boiled over yet also able to kill off germs, bacteria, impurities such as many people often think.

According to scientific studies, the majority of the bacteria will be destroyed at 100 degrees C temperature threshold in 5 minutes but the organic contaminants and heavy metals compounds still exists in the country will affect the health of the user. Direct drinking water purifier not over boil can also kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.

You should also understand that we can't drink the water directly in such high temperatures are often cool waters to that recently started using. In time to cool in the water will appear, the more the bacteria so long as the increase rate of the bacteria. Also in the boiled water to cool also appeared more nitrate salts, salts can cause the risk of cancer. More boiled water to cool long on volatility will be the amount of oxygen contained in water, organic matter was resolved and leave inorganic harmful to the body. In contrast to direct drinking water purifier you can completely assured when in addition to sterilizing air features retain the useful minerals for the body.

From the reasons above we will easily find that not boiled water should new users be or will actually be beneficial for health. The world, especially in the developed countries have long no longer water use habits over to boil anymore but instead is drinking water directly from a water softener. Even children, the elderly or those with weak can also use natural filtering tap water without boiling.

Drinking water purifier kills any bacteria

The advantages of direct drinking water purifier

You can drink water directly from the water softener filter technology use RO or Nano, but in this case, the water softener Nano will be preferred over, you can see more posts should choose RO water purifier or water purifier Nano to understand more about this detail.

For drinking water Purifier uses filter RO:

  • Water when through direct drinking water purifier become pure drinking water.
  • Family drinking water purifier is directly consistent with water conditions in Vietnam.
  • Can control the sources of water in the family.
  • Easy to use, friendly to the environment, in accordance with the space in the family.

For drinking water purifier filter technology uses Nano:

  • Compact, do not lose money, saving money by not having effluent water.
  • Direct drinking water purifier filter to clean completely the type of bacteria, virus, parasites, harmful impurities.
  • Keep the amount of minerals that are beneficial to health.
  • High longevity.
  • After the water filter can now filter hose directly in drink or use for other purposes.

Clean water for families

The note when you use the Water Purifier to drink directly

  • Avoid mounting the tap water of air into hot water pipes.
  • Don't be subjective to water filtration system of direct drinking water purifier.
  • Try to keep the sewage pipes are clear.
  • For those buying new machines or the while not in use it should be to automatic tub washing 3.
  • Avoid to input water pressure too great.
  • Use the voltage is compatible with the Water Purifier.
  • Contact remote technical support direct drinking water purifier when it happens.
  • The last important thing is that you do not forget to replace the core filter periodically to ensure clean water sources and rich in minerals for the body.

Thank you for the welcome of An article to read if you are disturbed not know investment type Water Purifier for your family, you can consult the additional articles at the experience choose to buy water softener in our family!

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