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Irene School trade co., Ltd

Member VA6T stainless steel ice machine

Photos Park ice machine capacity 8 tons/24 h

Mr Nguyen Tien (commercial limited company director Irene School): "the market has more pure Park ice machine line, song I select ice machines Park 8 ton/24 h of An company about its manufacturing base by An eminence: your quick ice making the safe, clean. Stable performance, famous imported compressors, the prices match the market and most importantly save 40% on mobile so I can reduce the monthly costs to more than 9 million ".

Information about commercial School Phuoc Co., Ltd


Abbreviation: TID co., LTD
Lĩnh business: • electronic, telecommunication products, safe security

Address: BìnhTên Square-Director B
o Trach district: Le Tien Truong

Introducing the investment Company And Commercial Market Developm
nt Blessed * established on 29 March
, 1993 * From 1993
to 1996: Investment and trading company was established and development of business in hotel and travel services. In 1996, the company started to move the field of import and sales of telecommunication equipment.

* From 1996 to 2000:
expansion and market penetration in souther
n HO CHI MINH CITY branch. (In the August revolution 197B-District 3-Ho Chi Minh City).
Expand collaborate directly with leading telecommunications companies in the world such as Panasonic, GE, Senao, Sharp, Sony and officially became a distributor of telecom equipment in the Panasonic Nam.* Fro
m 2000 to date: the estab
lishment of the Central clade sister (in Hai Phong 26 district-Ho Chi Minh City Da Nang). TID officially finalized distribution system with more than 3000 agents on 64 provinces and three distribution centers in thr
ee regions. In 2007, the TID became a distributor of telecom equipment from Siemens in Vietnam.

The capacity

Finance: the average revenue (from 2003-2006): 300 billion/year, 2007:500 billion. Growth rate: 35%.
Experience: more than 10 years in the field of telecommunication equipment distri
enterprise. Human sựHơn 500 employees, over 70% of the Univers
ity graduates and trained on the cross họcThường raise the level,
within and outsi
de the country. Operating range * telecommunication
equipment-telephone system-distribution, technology transfer consulting tel
ecommunication systems business:-telephone system
(Analog Digital &).
-mixed PBX-IP.

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