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Advice do hot water filter wells

If you are living in the big city, the borehole water filter may sound quite strange but for the countryside then this really is the hot issue, by according the statistical report, the water sources here are heavily contaminated by impurities, iron, manganese, arsenic. 

While economic conditions remain difficult despite know but the people it also hard to invest is a modern water treatment system. With many years experience in the field of water treatment, An advice to you how to do a hot chisel water filter in the correct technical processes, safety, savings.

Borehole water filtration technique

Borehole water help filter technology simple and effective

There are quite a lot of manual methods be applied to waste water wells in rural areas but in this article we only mention the method was for is simple, popular, easy to implement and optimize for.

You must first make sure drain dirty water have in the well. Then clean the toilet reservoir by using well water filtration particle more. 

You need to build a hot water filter water filter to preliminary drilling, in which water filtration Division will include the filter materials such as: sand, gravel, particle filter. Other ways you can make use of a container has sufficient capacity and then put the filter material for water source flowing through this container before flowing into the water tank of your own family.

In addition, to fix infected water source a long and thorough, you should use some of the technology of iron, arsenic contamination of water purification, waste water contaminated with manganese.

The steps for building hot water filter wells family

First you need to build a tank about size (80 cm x80 cm x 1 m). 1 m is the minimum height of this tank. Save more than you can replace with plastic tanks, stainless steel tanks can hold 200 gallons.

You use a filter tube stainless steel mesh or 48 small PVC to make the water pipe will put the bottom of the tank. This ensures the water flows out from being and filtering materials.

Progress made:

  • Use the gravel of a size 0.5 to 1 cm for hot water wells to make cool against the rules. Covered are the bottom 10 cm tank.
  • Using quartz sand (if not, you can use the golden sand) to pour into hot, so to stay about 30 cm.
  • Next, pour the sand into the water to manganese manganese contamination.
  • Use of activated carbon (coal should be used in the Netherlands, should not take charcoal) poured into the tank with a thickness of 10 cm to absorb color-causing substances, causing the smell to the water.
  • Don't forget a very important material for hot water wells is the material reduction of iron in hot with a thickness of 10 cm. This is the type of material used in the reduction of iron and arsenic to be effective.
  • Finally, pour the golden sand grains and quartz sand (this is the top layer of sand with thickness from 10-15 cm). Then use the secondary air to oxidize the water source.

Note: this method is required to use quartz sand, activated carbon, Manganese sand, must always keep the hot water purifier, create fineness for the borehole water filter material.

Borehole water-safe filter

The principle of operation of the hot water drilling rigs

  • Clean water output always adhere to the principle of the mouth pipe is higher than the top of the sand layer.
  • When the water in the hot water in the pipes, ascent will also rise according to the principle of 2 comments. The water just runs out when the water level in the tank is higher than the mouth tube, reverse water will not work when the water in the tank to lower horizontal with the mouth tube. Therefore, the surface of the water filter sand layer on the wells are frequently created, from which the microbial membrane formation should be both filters bacteria in the water.
  • In addition, in the course of use you can equip a float or buoy cell to control automatic water supply to the filter tank.

On this Encyclopedia has to send you building a borehole water filter system for simple, if there are more conditions you should invest to buy the water filter lines to ensure the standards are pretty much sold on the market today.

You interested can read more in this article experience choose to buy water softener in our family.

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