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Advantages of PU panels in cold storage

PU Panel applications in the refrigeration system may san nuoc crude skin of An

PU Panel is the core insulation Polyurethane insulation and some other additives. The two sides in and out or i-colorbond tole wrap nox 0.45 thick ÷ 0, 5 mm. Panel thickness from 50 ÷ 300 mm, maximum length: 19 m, width: 1100 mm panels/1150 mm.

Panel insulation PU big wave rolled

Panel insulation PU big wave rolled

Panel PU was together by hinges or joints connected key music. The score PU foam injection link and paste silicone.

The following are some advantages of PU panels:

-Light weight

Sandwich panel pu lighter from ½ to 1/3 compared with the other products of the same size. The main cause is due to the texture of very light PU core class. This is the outstanding characteristic saves weight frame materials, pile, as well as transportation, construction and easy. Depending on the proportion of 20-30-40 kg/1 m ³

-Good sound

Sandwich panel pu features soundproofed and ability to absorb sound. Although the sound from the outside going into or from the inside are all required by the zig-zag motion, sound waves being broken down gradually in the broken lines and reduce to a minimum when regularly through panels 3 D Ton + PUERTO + ton, due to structural characterization of compounds (PU). Sound insulation (db) 50.

Panel PU cold storage preservation ice Park

Panel PU cold storage preservation ice Park

-Insulation and energy-cum

Sandwich panel pu have very low heat conduction coefficient, so will lead to a warm winter, cool down effect. Also thanks to this, the level of power conditioners are saving up to 50%, creating lasting value for the user. The rate of heat transmission ASTM C177-7194 – 2002 ĐV Kcal/ISO MC Celsius = 0.0105

-Sustainable higher Levels

Sandwich panel pu is kind of product is made by the ton and PU compounds. Thanks to the combination of molding process 3 Ton class + Puerto + Ton together form a unified block so structured very sustainable. Thus, the panel 3D has a great time sustainable, and has the highest mechanical strength in the form of porous materials and stable than the panel format with EPS beads.

-High accuracy

3D panel bar Ton + PUERTO + Ton is the kind of products are available in standard size casting, and produced in accordance with normative dimensions have been calculated to help research for the application of very large plates and is applied in many areas such as making bulkheads, wall panels, ceiling panels, civil House , industrial buildings, offices, supermarkets, telecommunication stations, clean room, Chamber freezing …

-Environmental friendly, against many types of infections

Sandwich panel pu is a product reuse many times when dismantling the energy change is SP, insulation, fire resistance, creating a clean environment, friendly to the environment, especially not maintenance, not mold. Is the type of material being attacked by termites, ants or other creatures in tropical climate conditions by the Ton are composed of properties and PU

In particular re-use many times when changing function

Do the pros on here that many applications are PU Panel fields such as: making partitions, ceiling panels, wall panels, civil buildings, industrial buildings, offices, supermarkets, telecommunication stations, clean room, cold storage freezing, installation of cold preserved seafood …

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