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Advice buying industrial water pump

The pump is a very important part in the industrial water filtration lines, however, buy water pump is not a simple affair for the first out of the shop.

Industrial water pumps

Industrial water pumps

Centrifugal pump: is the type of engine, including making the propeller dandruff creates centrifugal jewelry bring water up to the appropriate level.

Automatic centrifugal pump: centrifugal type is there add a container and a pressure relays. When the water pressure in the hose out to drop, the pump will automatically operate.

Electromagnetic vibrating pump (also known as drop-pump wells): this type thanks to force vibration membrane activity do bring water up.

Want to buy an appropriate pump for the he thong loc nuoc RO, to the following points:

-Between the two tank level, calculated from the water in the tank bottom to the surface of the water in the tank on.

-The volume of each tank.

-Where to place the pump.

After having been the factor that, you select the centrifugal pump type total height, height-appropriate level and discharge. Often choose to pump has the higher value 1.5 actual value is appropriate.

E.G.: the elevation is 10 m then select pump type has a height of about 13-15 m. If the tank is under just the sort of small capacity pumps and small water flow (tank type 1 m3, then just type of pump 1/2 HP and has a large turnover-from 2000 rmp or over), while the larger pumps, then choose the type of larger capacity is sufficient.

Currently the market is the Chinese pump types such as Xinglon, Long … 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP. Better then your mark Show Taiwan's National brand or Fou, Panasonic or more senior Webtrol, Sita, Grundfos. The pumps of Japan, Italy, United States of America, Denmark (G7). better to have higher prices.

Intermediate pump

Intermediate pump

In addition to holding that pump knowing the type of activity in the he thong loc nuoc essential khiet televisions need more important technical features the following:

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz type, in addition also have market power 110V/220V line type 2 or 3 phase pumps.

Pump flow: Is the amount of water that the pump is transported in a unit time-by m3/hour or liters per minute, etc. In the air is often attributed to Qmax, which is the maximum flow, because the water flow depends on many other factors such as speed, altitude, engine etc.

-Altitude: elevation of the water level is often credited as H, there is the recorder Hmax, Total H, i.e. altitude can suck from the water, wells, lakes, reservoirs … This is the maximum height that air transport water up the tank above the tall, vertical properties. Normally, the pump does not bring water to gain altitude as recorded in air that only reach about 70%.

-Height-water: height is that the pump suction is computed from water, pools, ponds, wells … to center the rotor of the pump. Typically, the actual level of use is smaller than in air, so when installing the machine as close to water as possible.

-Flushing height: is the height to which the pump can bring water up to be.

-Rotation speed of the pump: is the amount of spin on the minute, was scored as rpm (round per minute).

Pump capacity: recorded by Watt or by H.P.

Install the pump to have the best performance?

-Installation of the machine as close to the water source as possible. The mounting should certainly avoid vibration machine is operating.

-Air fitting as close to water as possible. When put into water pipes, must note the attached Russian ruble-Peru at the top in front of the tube. The tube on the right diameter of hole diameter mounted on water and also not placed horizontal hole into a monitor.

-To add the correct primer water system under the direction of the machine.

-The pump must be set's accelerator pedal Rup bottom and into the Lake, should have a grid to avoid spam, residue do stuffy-damaged machine.

-Insert the pipe out to the right diameter of pump, minimizing the tracks fold, not lead pipe out the circles decreases the performance of the pump. In the output of the pump is usually a key to turning the adjustment or repair the machine.

-The pipelines in and out are true, any leakage could do harm to the machine when operated.

-Voltage connection on the machine to the right, should mount a breakers, power wires to the right with your machine's performance and a good ground connection.

Types of pump industrial/agricultural capacity and higher prices.