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The type of gas on cold clean ice machine system

R22, R410A and R32 is the type of gas being used on the system. So we have these characteristics? Use the type of gas that would be the best cooling capacity? The type of gas that would be safe for?

Gas R22

Gas R22 is the type of gas used first on the system may lam vien skin essential khiet, with the advantage of easy to maintain when want to pump more gas on, non-toxic, non-explosive incendiary as well as relatively cheap prices should gas type is quite unpopular.

GA R22 for refrigeration systems

Because the cheap factor should use gas types R22 air conditioning was much popularity

However, this type of gas can be harmful to ozone should follow the development roadmap of this gas is used only by the year 2040. Besides, although it is non-toxic but it will cause suffocation if the gas concentration in the air is too high.

Gas R410A

Under the Kyoto Protocol signed in December 1997, the developed countries must reduce the greenhouse effect in order to protect the environment, the type of R410A Gas was invented as a replacement for the gas types R22.

Gas R410A has a chemical composition similar to that of R22, however have higher volatility, and when the environment in low oxygen deficiency will cause silently so that your room must be airy if not will be very dangerous when there are similar gas leak present. The Department of said gas R410A is the perfect replacement for the old R22 gas is because of the following reasons:

Gas R410A R22 can change

R410 higher cooling gas R22 1.6 times

+ Higher cooling capacity gas R22 1.6 times

+ If compared to gas types R22 gas R410A refrigerating system for cold deeper, more saving.

+ Gas R410A Types contribute to environmental protection because not riddled frequency ozone.

R410A gas, however, there are also some downsides "cocoon" users such as:

+ May use R410A gas type skin blue hard pumping gas, maintenance on more than type R22 (when pump more gas R410A must withdraw completely the amount of the residual gas in a container-for gas R22 can pump more into the amount of withdrawal without the old gas out).

+ Refrigeration systems using R410A gas has a higher cost system R22 simultaneously, the cost to load the new gas pump gas and often very high and when the gas pump must use many types of specialized equipment.

Gas R32

Type of Gas is gas type newest R32 for now, are the most used applications in Japan. This gas was invented as a replacement for R22 and R410A types of gas. 

Gas R32 with many advantages for today

Gas R32 with many advantages for today

About this new R32 gas, it has these advantages include the following:

R32: Gas Safety to achieve emissions standards GWP (550) much lower than gas R410A (1980) helped reduce emissions up to 75%, meets the requirement of environment protection, the increase in temperature leading to the greenhouse effect.

Power saving: With great cooling performance than type gas R410A, the R32 (over 1.6 times more than 6.1, R410A-R32 times) should use the type system to have gas R32 will save energy because of the superior cooling time is fast and powerful.

Easy to adapt: Though the recipe but gas customers on the R32 has a pressure equivalent to R410A gas are very popular could be used together with the devices installed, only need to change the charging wire and gas meter gas refills.

(Collection-May san crude da vien)