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Maintenance of compressor in refrigeration system of cold storage and ice machine

The maintenance of the compressor is extremely important to ensure system operation was good, durable, highest productivity, especially for the blue-skin garment vien has large capacity.

Air conditioning easy the problem in 3 periods: the initial period when new trials and the period occurred the wear and tear of the machine details. After 6000 hours must overhaul. Whether your little 12 year run then also must overhaul 12 times. The machine stops on long, before running back to conduct the check.

Maintenance system of cold and ice machine

Maintenance system of cold and ice machine

The work of overhauling and testing of compressor refrigeration and ice machines mini Park include:

1. Check the tightness and the condition of the suction valve discharge valve the compressor.

2. Check inside the compressor, the oil situation, the details have been leaked hoen, clean details. In the States, overhaul needs to remove the details, cleaning and replacement of the grease.

3. Check the oil inside the cacte through the door observing the oil. If it has yellow metal powder, dirt, they must check the cause. There are many causes due to dirt on the road-, due to abrasion of machine details

4. Check out the level of abrasion of the crank, the device buffer, silver ring, pittông, gloves, round rods. compared to standard size. Every detail required maximum worn differently. When worn exceeded permitted levels must then replace new one.

-Try the HP control devices, OP, WP, LP and oil supply Division

5. Clean the filter compressor suction toilet.

-For refrigeration compressor filters include: Filters-oil filters, compressor type plate and glass filters.

-For suction filters: check that the mesh has clogged, torn or not. Then use the special-use chemicals to clean the mesh filter.

-For glass filters should check the filter gently rotation has not. If the residue bẫn sticking between the pieces, then use a thin steel pieces wipers as razor to gotten dirt. Then clean the inside clean. After finishing cleaning pneumatic blowing from the inside out to clean the filter.

-Check the cooling system.

6. Inner hygiene: in the process of working air is sucked into the cooling coils and motor gone pretty much dust, dust it long on buildup layer becomes the cooling coils influence.

-Routine maintenance: as a rule after 72 to 100 working hours must first proceed to the compressor oil change. In the first 5 to proceed to the complete oil change, by opening the lid side cleared, use a damp rag to clean off the oil to seep inside the toilet, clean and oil the new magnet with the full amount.

-Check: after 3 months to open and check the important details of the air cylinder, such as piston, crank radio, clắppe, the CAP bits etc. ..

-Break the residue water cooling jacket: If on closed water cooling jacket uniform residue discharge should conduct more then remove residue using clohidric acid 25% composite dip 8 to 12 hours then rinse with a solution of NaOH to 10 to 15% and rinse with clear water.

-Proceed with calibration of belt tightening and môtơ when you see loose. This work in progress check downloads.

(An collection-pure Member ice machine)