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Instructions for use and storage cold storage Pallet

Pallet construction materials is indispensable in the warehouses, as well as when shipping goods, specifically made stands preserved cargo in cold storage of stone production line, An please guide how to use this material properly.

Wooden pallet 4 dimensional shade used in cold storage

Wooden pallet 4 dimensional shade used in cold storage

Friction requirements

For the product Pallet, the coefficient of friction control is necessary. Need attention to the coefficient of friction to choose the correct use, to prevent these situations from slipping as the forklift or the shelf system.

Hard durable and sturdy

Usually, the Pallet would be better friction, they will have more endurance, and are more easily processed by the device automatically. The 2-way pallet with the V-shaped puzzle or 4 pm is the pallet types have high strength and hardness.

Materials used

Cheapest pallet material is wood. The Wooden Pallets are often used for the needs of the job just 1 time use. For the other pallet plastic pallet, pallet like metal, … then the price is more expensive, but can be applied across many samsara to use, because we have high longevity. 

Cage Iron material pallet

Cage Iron material pallet

Manual pallet properly

Pallet if used properly can increase the time used from 50-100%, help businesses save costs manifest a lot, and bring high efficiency in work. To enhance the quality of installation in the cold of the ice production machines should preserve the pallets in a reasonable condition for:

+ Not to outdoor walkway, prone to warping due to shrinkage of wood due to the large difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures.

+ Don't let moisture in place, create the conditions for the development of harmful mold and influencing pallet goods.

+ Avoid large heat source as close to the boiler barrel, harsh chemicals such as caustic soda, acids.