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ISRAELI-style drip irrigation

Cultivation technology of Israel

Israeli always make the world to amaze and admire about the ability development and the application of scientific and technological achievements. An please just mention one aspect while very young but do to Israel became the example for world agriculture followed.

Cultivation technology of Israel

Cultivation technology of Israel

Israel has a very small area, over 20 thousand km2, just larger than An a bit. Only 20% of it arable. A large part of the land of Israel is the plateau of rock and sand. The country's resources that Israel always lacking and is precious as gold. Here one must drill deeper every km take a little amount of water. Photos of duck Israel can talk up all the other ducks are always Vietnam: kick up swim, duck hatching from the egg from Israel until the meat was also not once embedded foot down to the water.

So that Israel was one of the leading agricultural product exporting countries in the world, each year grossed over 3 billion USD.

All Israeli agricultural activity revolves around three words: save water. They are always calculated to not use the excess 1 drop of water. Use of water is not merely a technology that has become an art. When watering, they don't let water evaporate, not for the water will leach into the ground. Even, to do the duck meat, they also only dared use a hot steam can duck feathers just enough to fall out.

Israeli-style watering: drip irrigation

The secret of Israeli farmers is to develop the technology and modern equipment such as drip irrigation, using the automatic control valve, filter multiple floors, use a low pressure nozzle and spray the small rain. Thanks to irrigation, farmers save 60% water.

The fields of Israel are equipped with water-pipeline network, has the small tube like capillaries leading to each tree. This system is controlled by a computer, automatically close open irrigation valve when the humidity of the roots that reach certain levels. This drip irrigation system is also the task of fertilizing. They mixed fertilizer on hot water and fertilizer will follow the network to the plant roots. With the plants need watering all the surface of leaves, people use more misting system.

Drip irrigation like not enough savings. They also planted trees in the greenhouse to prevent evaporation. In addition, greenhouse also prevent pests, help increase yields and the quality of the goods. Israel receives many purchase orders, from nuts to genes, eggs and sperm of animals.

Drip irrigation in Israel

Drip irrigation in Israel

Apply to Vietnam

With a smart and inquisitive nature, in recent years, many of Vietnam's farmers have started tinkering (there may be directions of agricultural extension agencies) creating the type of irrigation system Israel by the materials available and have achieved great achievements:

-Reduce the cost of electricity, the cost of petrol used to pump water.

-Reduced labor costs for water burden, no longer have to pull the tube, the tube collectors (including watching the tube).

-significantly reduce the amount of irrigation water.

There are a number of difficulties:

Can not use the capillaries to drip under significant meaning. The capillary is regularly congested due to irrigation water source not yet clean filter. When clogged, maintenance work will cost money and effort digging up instead.

Not only clogged capillary that over time, the large pipe also closed, hampering circulation water all around, cause there are no tree root page be refreshed.

We didn't have automatic irrigation systems are completely, still need people close to open the valve manually.

Hopefully in the future, the Vietnam farmers will also improve more to modern systems and perfect.

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