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Check the air conditioning broken block (compressor)

1. Check the coils of the compressor may daa)

check touching the casi

ng-remove the wires from the compre

ssor.-Put the meter and measure resistance between Rx1K scale visions with the shell-(pipe parts). If the resistor under the 1000K (1 m) is the compressor casing untouched–> instead of the compressor.
b) check coil-Latest Rx1 scale

meter and measure 2 in 3 foot of R, S, CVí example: R-

S–> 4.5 ohm; C-S–3–ohm > > 1.5 ohm-when measuring

the value of the resistor is not over, broken-coil-Replace compressor >. Not

e: for the compressor have OLP (protection too line, Sandeep tẹc)/inside, make sure the OLP in a status of "close" when measuring the coil (water cooled compressor heavily before measuring).

Block air conditioning compressor
2. Damaged parts of the compressor (s

tuck) a) does not boot (has electric current into the compressor but the machine not t

o boot)-check the ca

pacitor-checking (excessive ga)-check

the voltage (note the case of measuring the no-load voltage is still enough but when the compressor start voltage drop)-When elements o

n no matter what, then the compressor is stuck. b) fix :-Try using the

start capacitor

(capacitor) fought in parallel with the capacitor or capacitors larger shut shut (after starting the dộngđược to gather the original value.-Try to disch

arge the entire removal of the station and starts

the compressor.-If not, replace the compressor

3. The compressor are weak (the compressor still runs but cold reduced productivity. The high suction pressure, low, low power line

) a) check:

-launch external Bureau after unplug the fan wire fin. If it is electrical pressure does not increase, then the compressor is dama

ged.-check the pipe temperature push. If under-50oC-> broken compressor-measure th

e flow of electricity. If the line is low (about 1/2 the norm)–broken-compressor > Tr

y conducting currency/lock (close the valve push and run the compressor). If the pressure-not falling or fallen little–hỏngb compressor

>) fix:-compr

essor-attention: in case

of burnt compressor wire or broken parts (non-compression), the possibility of the contaminants generated from the compressor according to the ICC comes into the system. Before replacing the compressor must be inside the toilet system especially cable, filter.

(Collectibles-pure ice)