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Maintenance of pumps, fans, cooling tower

Cooling tower:

-Check the operation of the cooling towers, the propeller reduction gearbox, pumps, belt, ria shaft water distribution.-sanitar
y plastic mesh periodic water dissipation (heat sink plate, filling cooling tower)-bẫn c
ondensate Discharge at the bottom of the cooling tower, sanitation,
water change.-check line of activity of môtơ pump, fan, working status of the float valve. Cooling pump maintenance.

Cooling tower

Maintenance of water pumps

The pump in the system include:

-Water Pump, water pump ice cold water pump and disch
arge.-Pump glycol and other cold load
.-refrigerant Pump.

Pumps for cooling tower

All this despite the pump used to pump different agents but in principle and made entirely similar. So maintenance procedures are also similar, namely:

-Check the working condition, silver, watertight cushion, air discharge for the pump, check the transmission coupling. The silver shaft lu
brication.-check the tandem pump pressure make sure filters ar
e not clogged.-swap the functions of the ba
ckup pump.-check the edit or replace the belt (if any
)-check the electric line and compared to normal.

Maintenance the fan

-Check for unusual vibration, noise
– check the belt tension, adjust and replace.-ch
eck the silver shaft, grease
the rotor toilet.-, in which case the rotors run smoothly should not proceed to repair the best balance.

Cooling tower fan

(Collectibles-pure ice lines-may-skin garment leather nuoc nuoc lam)