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Production process of pure rock, the standard source water taken from a depth of 90 m, well water, ground water, processed through reverse osmosis filter system, and kill bacteria by ultraviolet rays. The mold parts of stone, stone cutters, Turkish water level do the stones, mortars and cold air system's stone load dandruff ice manufacturing members are pure stainless, not rust over time.

Ice production cycle fully automated, self-contained, with no direct contact with the human hand so the ice Park completely pure ensures safe food hygiene.

Standard requirements

Ice water quality must reach 40 criteria for heavy metals, stone products must reach 22 criteria, including 6 criteria for microorganism, the Health Department issued new paper quality standard. However, according to the South Korean Liberal BS, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Hanoi Health Department then right at the base is the certification, the quality of the stones still have differences, by have grassroots reach minimum threshold, have reached maximum threshold basis, even reached international standards. So, with the production base, do not use the blue book standard leather garment, the more quality cannot be guaranteed.

But how can distinguish between rocks and stone machining pure Member?

Research at the company's accreditation shows that: we affirm that can distinguish pure tablet stone. …. second stone and handcrafted Park if discomfort to Italy a bit:

-Kick off normally when members leave residue, opaque. The stone tablets on the pure Cup of water remains throughout, insight to the other side. When dissolved in water, such as mineral water.

-Pure Member Rock melted long folding 4-5 times the stone tablets.

Model of production process of clean stone

Clean An ice process

An ice machine

Your membership is An ice making machines producing ice members form the tube. Ice production machines are compact design, quality, durability, stability operations to deliver high-performance, energy-saving, easy to operate, particularly the price of just 1/3 production facilities in Germany, and only 1/2 air production in Thailand.

Contains the type of the stone of size as follows:

-large stone: 47 x 80 mm. Often used to drink beer, soft …

-the average Stone large: 38 x 40 mm. Often used to drink tea, drink rựu …

-small-medium Stones: 34 x 40 mm. Often used to drink tea, drink rựu …

-Small Stones: 19 x 20 mm. Often used to drink coffee, juice, water..