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Multifunctional filter material ODM-2F

2F ODM multifunctional filter material

2F ODM multifunctional filter material

Country of origin: Russia. The product is a management agency of patents and trademarks of the Russian Federation Republic patent number 2,141,375, dated December 15, 1998.

Multifunctional filter material ODM-2F is a product of nature (the main constituent is bentonite, zeolite, diatomite) was activated at high temperature, put into application from 1998 in many works in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, … (in the cities of Moscow, Irkustsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Perma) and many other countries. Use in Vietnam since 2002.

Application scope: can be replaced at the same time both the quartz sand, seed, and catalyzed activated carbon in pure water production process and waste water treatment. The products are certified safe for domestic water supply and use.

Characteristics: is, absorb and filter materials.

Basic chemical composition: SiO2 = 84% <; Fe2O3 = 3.2% <; Al2O3 + High + Tony C. = 8%;

Technical characteristics of ODM-2F

Technical characteristics ODM-2F

Technical characteristics ODM-2F

Application possibilities 

Lift and stabilize the pH of the water in the range of 6.5-8.0

Catalytic reduction of iron (Fe < 35 mg/l)

Reduce the amount of nitrogen (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium), phosphate (20-50% depending on filtration speed from 4-7 m/hour), have the ability to eliminate arsenic, Fluorine in water desalination plants (the same effect catalytic particle Alumina).

Reduce the amount of organic compounds in water

Reduction of heavy metals such as copper, zinc, chromium, nickel

Reduce the oil content (absorption of about 90 mg/g seed oil)

Reduction of radioactive substances

Advantages of ODM-2F

Combine multiple stages of processing such as catalyst, made of cotton, filter residue in the same device.

Increase safety for water quality after processing.

Simple operation.

The price is much lower than with other types of physical adsorption.

Can replace the filtering material being used without changing the structure of the filter tank or water lines.

The amount of water washing filter lower than that of other materials. No need of tub.

Application scope

Ph input > = 6.0. In case of pH 6.0 should combine with filter < grain raising pH (LS) or raise the pH by the chemical (pH optimum for the process of reduction of iron is 6.5). Iron content of input 35mg/l = <.

Filtration speed: 5-20 m/hour. Can be used in the filtration tank openings or pressure filtration tank. Filter direction from above.

ODM seed-2F need not revert (except Fluoride reduction process). After a period of use about 3-5 years (depending on source water quality and processing requirements) need replacement seeds.

Recommended use

Velocity filter and filter material layer thickness-2F ODM will be adjusted according to the iron content or contaminants are in the water source. To treat water so beatifull equipment layout, tub or gas ejector front hot filter to provide additional oxygen for oxidation of iron.

To increase the efficiency of processing for the source water has a low pH, should be used in conjunction with the grain raising pH (LS). The seed layer thicknesses LS is adjusted according to the pH of the water source and filter speed (refer to the user manual the LS seeds). Or use the included chemicals raise pH as NaOH, Na2CO3, lime.

To create the required water level in the layout below the ODM class-2F a layer of quartz sand thickness 0.2-0.3 m.

In the filters of high concentration above 5 mg/l: should the layout height-2F ODM class a minimum of 0.8 m, velocity filter does not exceed 20 m/h. Efficient processor will operate better after 3-4 days (first time to create a catalytic membrane on the surface of grain).

In the case of groundwater containing iron in the form of organic magnets can add a little chlorine front hot filter ODM-2F.

ODM seed-2F have the ability to handle oil in water concentration of oil to 20 mg/l. The ability of non-oil seeds is 90 mg/g.

Need wash-2F ODM seed before putting the work into use.

Wash the filter periodically by the process for washing backward. Filter wash cycle 1-2 times/ngàyđêm. The intensity of the wash water to ensure speed of bloom filter material layers simply reached 30% is 10 l/s m2. Filter wash time 15-20 minutes. No need of tub.

With these outstanding characteristics mentioned above should ODM-2F is used a lot in the water filtration system of free safety.