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Reverse osmosis technology is what?

One of the first applications of the technology of reverse osmosis desalinization of sea water that is. Today, it has been fairly wide application in handling water. An introduce more detail about the technology of reverse osmosis pure water filter.

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Filtration membrane technology in water treatment RO reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis technology is a viable option to be scientific researchers recognized the effect with germicide ability of this method. It is produced commercially for purposes of filtered water at home and has been put into use in the 1970s.

Reverse osmosis process

Reverse osmosis process depends on a semi-permeable membrane, the water moves moved from high concentration saline, through semi-permeable membranes will be converted into dilute salt solutions, because salt molecules have a molecular mass greater than water so when moving through semi-permeable membranes, salt along the large molecule compounds on hold and allow water molecules to pass through. The end result is transferred to the other side of a semi-permeable membrane also contains high concentrations of salt solution will hold this side. 

In the he thong loc nuoc ro, hydraulic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution to resist osmotic pressure. Pure water is controlled from the solutions focus and downstream by the cell membrane.

reverse osmosis technology


Reverse osmosis is the process of treating water pollution in order to create the final product is the pure mineral water sources. Most of the minerals in the water component have large blocks of molecules such as salt, lead, manganese, iron and calcium, so this molecule would be stuck by the semi-permeable membrane and can remove them out of drinking water through reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis also removes some chemical components in drinking water, including additives and fluorine in water

The downside 

Although reverse osmosis can remove are salt and some toxic substances out of the water but it is not suitable for water treatment municipality, municipality of wastewater containing toxic substances have some smaller water molecule such as chlorine and volatile chemicals, when through the semi-permeable membrane it cannot retain this molecule by molecule size of they are quite small, so the toxic compounds is still there and in drinking water

Reverse osmosis technology is very much application in the water treatment system of the free safety. And the fact proves the quality of the same efficiency of the technology in your life.

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