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Softening technology does not use salt and electricity with ScaleNet

ScaleNet/OneFlow-is a hard water treatment systems, water filtration, condensate close against pure not use salt, electricity and had nothing.


With the progress in the consciousness of environmental protection, reducing mineral softener systems with ion exchange are lost when in the eyes of users because it emitted significant amounts of salt environment.

As the leading company, WATTS Water water treatment Technology has studied successful technology reduced calcium new, replacement for the ion exchange technology and marketed products OneFlow-ScanleNet.

Different technologies

Alternative technologies for ion exchange formerly based on field theory aims to restructure the molecules created for the water hardness (calcium magnesium &).


New techniques of WATTS OneFlow back other operations, using special materials. Hard water just flows through this material tank is handled perfectly.

The difference with ion exchange materials, this OneFlow doesn't need to "revert" should not be used to salt and do not need to take any waste 1 drop of water, so it does not need the complex electronic control valve.

OneFlow system/ScaleNet just hooked on water source is active, does not need maintenance service, no electricity, no installation required.

On the market, this new material is the commercial airline set for the different names: Filtersorb, OneFlow, Next, ScaleNet, and Pelican.

ScaleNet material doesn't remove the calcium and magnesium ions (calcium and magnesium) that it convert this ion about the form of the Crystal structure. With this structure, calcium and magnesium would not be able to attach and close the residue on the surface of the water pipes and other equipment, water supplies. The size of the crystals are very small and easily washed by the water flow. If not needed, it can be removed by filtering the filter membrane.

Made with perfect quality

OneFlow system of WATTS using the highest quality materials in the United States:

 -The closed material residue ScaleNe
t ™-tanks, Val
ves and accessories-Clack

Right from the first, immediate OneFlow system are the experts in the industry as the most perfect so far and get a lot of orders from distributors.

However, manufacturers still recommend that users should consider some of the following points before you decide to install:

 -Salt ions do not need the added Calcium ion and not to be removed from the water source so people don't have a clear sense of "soft" when tasted the water after handling.
 -System ™ single use only ScaleNet 1 material tank should not need much area.
 -Absolutely do not use electricity should be safe.
 The material extremely light and airy ScaleNet should not reduce pressure and water flow.
 -No, no controls, no valve circuits.
 -ScaleNetKhông materials only against closing the residue, this system also can break the residue classes is closed. (The other softening devices can not do this.) -Abso
lutely do not use salt and CHEMICALS should not cause harm to the environment and the health of the user.
 -Almost not maintenance, maintenance.
 -The average life expectancy of this material is 5 years. The replacement of the material is also very simple.
 -Do not waste water so no fussy installation location.


 -Only appropriate system to handle Cancium and Magnesium.
 -Do not use with water also contaminated with iron, Hydrogen or Chlorine Sulfure-i
nternational certification.

OneFlow product models

CodeTank size (inches)ConnectorsFlow (GPM/L/H)The size airWeight (pounds)
M8407-COM7×441 "10/230010x10x5130
M8408-COM8×441 "12/270011x11x5132
M8409-COM9×481 "16/360012x12x4235
M8410-COM10×541 "20/450013x13x6137
M8412-COM12×521 "30/680015x15x5945
M8414-COM14×652 "*50/1135015x15x7277
M8416-COM16×652 "*75/1700017x17x72138

* Water supply design input, output on the bottom lid


 -Maximum hardness no more than 1200mg/l-
hardness is measured by flow 425mg/l-do not use
with water supplies contaminated with micro-organisms.
 -Use and maintenance as specified by the manufacturer.
 -Process residue, iron, manganese, copper, H2S, Hydrocarbons before water supply for OneFlow

(Collection-He thong loc RO cong nghiep-pure water filter system)