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Some note when using ice machines mini Park

Mini Park ice machine not only used in industrial food production, but also in small families travellers. Air stone mini Park may encounter some problems such as not enough cold to create stone or stone to create member does not guarantee the quality or desired shapes.

Ice machines mini Park

The note when taking ice machines mini Park

When a member of the rock machine, you have a problem, you remember the following basic principles:

1. Make sure that you are to air in temperature 18o Clevel equivalent 0o F or lower.

2. At some point in time, the coils may be dirty due to dust or pet fur. That makes the coil of the heat escape more difficult should the machine have to work more than the normal capacity to produce ice means the machine will consume more energy, sometimes overheated machine lead to the rocks failed.

So, you go to regularly clean the coils every 12-18 months/times. If you have pets, you may have to increase the frequency of cleaning after every 6 months.

Most of the ice machine, students today have included user manual, you can learn the basic structure diagram of the machine you are using, remove the outer shield to see the radiator coils, gently clean with a small brush or a vacuum cleaner, be sure the air will work better.

Please always remember to disconnect the computer's power source before you perform any cleaning or maintenance operation for the stone tablets.

Next, check the steam mist buildup on the device of the rock machine members. Typically, each coil will have a certain amount of condensation, Frost if you see only some rolls have Frost means that your system is capable of any restrictions or leaks. You will have to check the defrost parts. With the latest update of the current Park, rock machine models you can contact us for help quickly and accurately.

3. Make sure you have enough water pressure

A common problem for the rock machine members as they work poorly or does not work is because the water pressure. Must have a minimum of 20 PSI to rock machine members can operate smoothly.

The testing is quite simple, you turn off the water, disconnect the line from the valve to the water supply inlet is usually located behind the machine, hold it over a bucket and then turn the water back on. If the amount of water, low water pressure shows that mean there is something wrong with your water source. If the water flow is stable then the water valve is probably has limited input, you need to replace it.

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