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The opportunity for investment in industrial water plant

Vietnam is a country that has many streams and rivers and large lakes (including Lake hydro-electric and irrigation Lakes) with water reserves (called surface water) are relatively abundant. Due to the geographical conditions, the quality of surface water changes according to the season. The rainy season flood, surface water is very turbid due to bring much silted. Political factors have frustrated and discouraged the money of the investors and they are forced to switch to using groundwater.

Other than surface water, groundwater usually contains no heavy metals, toxic should just solve the good amount of silt, the substance suspension hovering.

In addition to the presence of some biological bacteria, turbidity of surface water generally range from 5 NTU (dry season) to 300 NTU (flood).

The temperature of the surface water in the North is from 12oC-32oC. In the South, the water temperature is usually stable in the range 20oC-25oC.

The hardness as measured by CaCO3 is 10 to 200 mg/L according to each geographic area.

Water plants according to the traditional technology usually are processed through several stages: Worried-> precipitates suspension hovering-> filter residue-> disinfection chemical magnet.

Building a traditional water plant to spend so much of the land area (System hot, troughs, pipes …)

Operate an old water plant is often complex and costly for the type of chemicals (bactericidal, …)

The opportunity for new technology

Membrane filtration technology has undergone many experiments with results beyond imagination.

The criteriaWater samplesAfter the filter
Turbidity (NTU)1020.2
Volatile Phenolic Compound (mg/L)0.0180.002
CODcr (mg/L)3.461.46
Chloroform (mg/L)3474.5
The total number of Intestinal bacteria Coliform (cfu/mL)5000
Total bacteria Fecal Coliform (cfu/L)5000

The us, Canada and Uk is the place where we have many new plant membrane filter technology application.

The advantage of investing in industrial water plant

On the financial aspects, must first talk to the 2 remarkable strengths of this technology: no side by low investment and construction.

Water plants using ultrafiltration membranes

Water plants using ultrafiltration membranes

Due to the price of land per every other local should we apply only temporarily own comparison of cost of equipment

For example: 1 water plants with capacity of 20,000 m3/day

-Area: 10 m x 8 m tripod-tot
al price of USD 2,000,000 equipm
ent-depreciation each year: 175,000 USD (2
0 years, 6%)-$ 125,000 operat
ing costs-the total annual cost: $
300,000 — cost per m3 water super clean is USD 300,000 (20,000 m3/day x 365 da
ys)-so, just spend $ 0.04 (740 USD) per m3 of water

The conclusion

With the remarkable both in terms of technology, quality, investment and operational costs, make sure that it is at the investors change the selection.

With the maximum support of the manufacturer, An hope to best meet the needs of the plants.

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