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The role, the position of the equipment condense in the cold system

Role equipment condenser

Condensing equipment has the task of condensing gas overheating after the compressor the refrigerant liquid state. The process of condensation device's work has influenced the decision to pressure and condensation temperature and therefore affect the effectiveness and safety of refrigeration systems work in the leather garment vien. When condensing equipment work poorly, the parameters of the system will change the trend is not good, namely:

-Cold-productivity of the systems reduce throttle losses, increase.

-Temperature compression process last.

-The compression increased, the motor may be overloaded

-Reduced safety due to the high pressure side pressure increases, HP relays can act to stop the compressor, valves can operate.

-High temperature lubricating oil as oil fires.

Equipment of condensation in refrigeration systems

Equipment of condensation in refrigeration systems

Condenser device classification of skin sewing vien essential khiet

Condenser device there are many types and principles of work are also very different. One stop Auto equipment classification based on several different properties.

-According to the cooling environment.

+ The equipment condense water cooled. To water cooled equipment of peace or fragile form embedded in the hot.

+ Equipment for condensation water and cooled air. Some condensation device that combines both water and air to heat, in that type of role equipment, water and air are different: the water used to heat for refrigerant and cooling air to the water. For example, the secondary condensation evaporation type condenser, watering etc.

+ Equipment for air cooled condenser. The air of forced or natural convection via heat-exchange equipment and with substance.

+ Equipment for condensing other substances cooled. This type of equipment can be seen in the air conditioning system cascade in which the condenser under the cycle is cooled by evaporation of refrigerant cycle on.

-Under construction:

+ Condenser water-cooled.

+ Secondary condensation evaporation.

+ Condenser type.

+ Seamless condenser cooled by air.

+ Telescopic tube type condenser.

+ Equipment for plate type condenser.

-According to the characteristics of convection air:

+ Condenser cooling equipment due to natural convection

+ Condenser cooling equipment due to forced convection.

There can be many ways to divide according to the specifications such as: vertical movement of refrigerant and cooling environment. About the texture of different type heat also like condensing on the outside surface of the heat exchanger pipes, inside heat exchanger tube or on the flat surface.

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