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Learn about the charcoal water filter, deodorant, deodorant color

Activated charcoal (Activated Carbon)?

Coal is produced from multiple source materials such as ashes of the shell peanuts (peanuts), coconut (coconut cranial) or coal. The raw material is heated in a vacuum environment, then be activated by the gas has properties extremely high temperatures in poker. This process creates the tiny hole works absorb and hold the impurities. Due to the special structure, coconut charcoal is considered the best quality type.

Activated coconut

Activated coconut

Charcoal water filter?

Activated carbon is a porous material, there are many large and small holes. Under the electron microscope, a coal particles look like an Ant. Therefore, an area of exposed surface of it very wide to absorb impurities. (Depending on the original material, the total surface area of 1/2 kg activated charcoal is still wider than a football field).

Thanks to the above characteristics, charcoal coin Cup nuoc essential khiet through two parallel processes:

The mechanical filter, retain the grain residue by the small hole, absorbs the impurities dissolved in water by the mechanism of surface absorption or ion exchange.

The structural form of activated carbon

1. Bran powder (Powered-PAC) is built by old technology, now commonly used in the manufacture of batteries, ac-rules. There are a number of manufacturers used this kind of mixed with glue to cast into the tube than looking like the third form below.

2. Granular (Granulated-GAC) is a small, inexpensive coal particles, suitable for deodorant. However, the water tends to flow through the gaps between the coal particles instead of having to crawl through the small hole.

3. As for special (Extruded Solid Block-SB) is most efficient types to filter the residue, the bacteria Coliform, lead, toxins, reduction of oxidized and deodorizing clorine. This type was made from a nugget of coal, are under pressure to export format molding 800 tons should be very sure.

Activated carbon block structure characteristics

Activated carbon block structure characteristics

Filtration efficiency will depend primarily on these factors:

1. Physical properties of activated carbon, such as texture, size, density, area exposed.
2. The nature of the kinds of impurities that need removing.
3. The time of contact of the water with activated charcoal as long, the absorb better.

Charcoal only works with a certain amount of water. After the filter is a volume of water as directed by the manufacturer, the charcoal will no longer capable of cleaning women (no/saturation).

Coal, interactive computer WATTS used in the food industry, pharmaceutical products are NSF certified and calibrated.

Activated charcoal is also used to eliminate smell and toxic gas in the air.

Activated carbon is indispensable materials in the pure water production line.

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