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Tri-Plex: filters multipurpose All-in-One

Tri-Plex: for customers to ask what "the very best"!

Versatile water filter tri-plex

Versatile water filter Tri-Plex

The application he thong nuoc glass coin glass khiet:

-Reduction of color filter
residue-Reduction Chlorin
e, mineral deodorant-softener-ir
on Reduction, reduction of fishy smell

Enjoy a variety of benefits from the latest improvements in 2008 of WATTS

-Perfect design for today for a master filter-handle most floor increas
es the lifespan of materials and increase efficiency. reducing color
, odor, Reduced – chlorine – re
moves rust, rough-water softe
ning, water always clean equipment Protection-Again
st closing the residue, to save energy – sa
ve SOAP tảy wash quality, to 65%-against the s
hed skin, hair loss and itching sensations, viscosity, rin hiss when bathing


-High pressure tank, corrosion-resistant

-Automatic timer Valve perform the manipulation of each floor. The LCD screen displays the operating status of the filter.

Valve automatically designate which Clack

Valve automatically designate which Clack

The filter:


Superior materials all matches the type of sand filter, remove the residue of crude have small size to 5 thousand millimetres, help for filters always clean.

Diagram of the TriPlex filter

Diagram of the TriPlex filter


A compound between the copper and zinc, are active, both ion exchange with iron (Fe2 +) has just killed fishy smell, disinfect without any chemicals whatsoever.

Besides preventing bacteria grow KDF also support for charcoal in the bottom of the development

Activated charcoal:

This filter floor continued protection for the ion exchange resin in the following stages

Remove the smell, the taste of natural improvement, reduction of chemicals, chlorine, color reduction, removal of organic compounds and synthetic compounds such as trihalomethane

Ion exchange:

Use of ion exchange resins to remove the free ions in the water after filtration through activated charcoal. The ion make water "hard" such as calcium, magnesium will be removed. The country will "soft" and "delicious".


Processing volume per regeneration ion: 2 kg of the substance "hard"

Pipe: 1 inches (34 cm)

Power supply 120V-230V

Floor area: 30 ' x 19 ' (75 x 50 cm)

Recommended with agents, distributors:

To ensure effective use and long-term stability, do water tests before selling this filter.

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