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UF water purification technology

UF water purification technology

UF technology (Ultra Filtration) will help remove these types of waste are relatively large in size out of the water by a membrane called the low pressure membranes.

UF technology has many advantages as follows:

The amount of power consumption for this technology is not much to ask when the filter, it uses high pressure and temperature. So that the cost to operate this technology process. With the economic conditions in Vietnam today, this is incredibly meaningful.

Besides, the system of equipment for operation of this technology are compact in size (due to the structure of nothing complicated) should the premises for installation is very small, neat, make sure the bảp aesthetics of space for installation of the system.

UF water purification technology

UF water purification technology

UF technology is not cost for hiring workers who operate, maintain the operation of the technology because it is active (active processes) should not need much workers amount (not needed).

The product water obtained still ensures natural properties of water sources by the UF technology have mechanical filtration methods with technology as well as complete homogeneous filtering structure.

Many people are concerned, the material (filter) that can affect the water supply (water safety). The answer here is absolutely no influence at all. During the process of water filter place filter membrane materials, insoluble in water, and, consequently, the purity of it is guaranteed.

The principle of operation of the filter membrane Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration membranes have 2 active principle as follows:

The principle of external activities-in: membrane located in the filter class and is located outside. The water line (already determined is) going through the filter membrane contamination (from outside). The filtering process has been done here, the last pure water source is located in the in the of membranes.

The principle works in addition to remaining outside: membrane-filter inside. Water flow (defined as) the pollution away from the inside out, the source of clean water finally obtained is in the outside of the device.

Some advantages of the dual filtration principle in the membrane filter technology UF UF

-When the membranes are composed of flexible (in-out, outside-in), with the dual-filter layer, such as this, it is also easy to use, suitable for many different conditions, circumstances. So that it is used (and application) in a lot of the water filter.

-Dual-filter layer structure ensures the safety of the country is extremely high. If a filter is damaged then the remaining layer still ensures absolute safety for water sources are filtered. However, need to check the filter regularly for timely detection of cases because the filter with a membrane, though still effective but if for too long, the rest will filter out the overload and it will very quickly damaged. When it's damaged that do not know, will lead to the use of water resources is not guaranteed.

-The researchers decided to use the fibers to have uniform thickness, shape with good quality materials, safety, uniformity, it has stability, also have extremely high safety. Yet there are cases would be detected as soluble membrane materials filtered water resources and harm to humans at all.

-UF UF Membrane filter technology in not an impact force in the filter process is because the gaps are called finger-shaped space is located on the inside of the membrane. The gaps will automatically create the flow easily, naturally helps the process filter is continuously, without interruptions.

-UF Membranes also have a class, the class has a skeletal system help inside and it has very high uniformity helps membrane stability, flexible level extremely high. When using UF filter you will easily notice it more durable (if ever used over many types of membranes).

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