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Water filter system for electroplating industry

Water treatment systems for the plating industry

The industry-standard water use plated with pure water. Sources of water used in production are strict monitoring according to the parameters of the conductivity or resistivity (MicroSiemens/m). the other change unit as S/cm, m/Ω · mm ² and S · m/mm ² also commonly used, with 1 S/cm = 100 S/m and 1 m/Ω · mm ² = S · m/mm ² = 106 S/m.

Water filter system for electroplating industry

Water filter system for electroplating industry

To achieve those standards which, in the water treatment system (pure water filter chain) often have to use reverse osmosis filtration devices. In this article, we introduce a system filter capacity 5 m 3/h, designed, assembled directly in the USA, are inspection before export.

Filter equipment specifications

Water filter system for plating industry has always been designed for the most simple, the most modern, but are easy to use. This is a request that is not easy for the manufacturer of water purification equipment.

-Galvanised steel support Frames, sure-FRP p
ressure multi-port-coarse f
ilter in stainless steel-high
pressure Pump multi-level, Super Webtrol ® p
ower-valve water leve
l auto-shutdown when the pressure is low, self
reboot-displays the parameters of the
water in the tank-val
ves for the water line can recall thi
ngs tweaking-pressure gauges fo
r coarse filter-pressure
multi clock pump.-watches-water fl
ow the water flow meter to
discharge the water line for one-way-v
alve-closing work
open-CI-1000 control system-
automatic system discharge can program


-Water supply Pipe 2 "Flange (
68mm)-water tube output 1.5"
(51 mm)-Sewage Pipes 1
"(34 mm)-water pressure level (minimum) 10
PSIG-finished product water flow up to 30 GPM (6840 l
itres/hour)-standard power source 230VAC/6
0 Hz-3 phase-voltage 30 Amps

Location of installation

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are usually installed after the filter the source equipment, ion-exchange equipment, mineral separators DI. Some plating factory also uses more ultraviolet lamps to ensure water always sterile.