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Water filtration membrane Filmtec RO BW30-400

Filmtec membrane water filter BW30-400 is reverse osmosis, pressure, are direct Filmtec produced in America, An importing and distribution in Vietnam.

Water purification RO membrane Filmtec BW30 400

Water purification RO membrane Filmtec BW30 400

Main application (day chuyen loc nuoc RO):

Filter fresh water from brackish coastal resources.

Industrial waste water purification, health


Manufactured on modern production line, strict quality control, is the best filtration membrane application in brackish water and wastewater processing.


Filter area: 37 m2 (the largest at this time)

Material: Polyamide TFC

Flow: 40m3/day

Works well in a broad pH range (from 1-13).

High pressure: 600 psid

Rate: 99.5% salts

Note When using:

To ensure hiễu export filter and prolong the filter membrane to note some of the following points:

Avoid sudden pressure increase/decrease in the process startup, shutdown or discharge wash the membrane.

RO system should be equipped with pressure control of pump parts, it's best to use pump inverter.

Because this type of RO is operated in an environment of very high pressure, just 1 small sand particles can also tear the membrane. So let's filter good crude, at least to use the filtering core has holes of the filter 5 microns. If protected by UF membrane types as well.

(Collectibles-day chuyen dong nuoc loc binh-day chuyen dong nuoc loc bottles)