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Water Purifier new Hydrogen-Safe technology

Hydrogen purification version-Safe developed on the background of water filter system Jumbo patent do WATTS from 2011. Hydrogen purification-Safe ® integrated along at 3 levels in 1 compact texture filtering and can say is the easiest ever.

Filter housings made of synthetic material, solid, high efficiency UV lamps, super small 0.2 micron filter with activated carbon delivers performance and convenience to users in the most money saving price range.

Water softener HydroSafe

Water softener HydroSafe

The principle of water purification of hydrogen-Safe

Ultrafiltration membranes 0.2 micron filter can remove the super small impurities cannot look to the naked eye and most types of common bacteria. Filter membrane is folded into many layers, filter area increases, increasing the water flow.

Activated charcoal is a great material for processing of pure water, to remove the smell, and the adsorption of organic compounds contaminating water sources.

Ultraviolet light has a wavelength of 254 nm for bactericidal efficiency pre-eminent, quickly and thoroughly. Just take from 1-3 seconds to ultraviolet rays kill 99.99% of bacteria in water supplies.

The combination of excellent technology creates a hard water treatment devices can be more perfect.

Featured structures

But visually it looks simple but Hydro-Safe ® has an extremely stable structure. Filter housings are manufactured from polypropylene material reinforced with fiberglass, against cracking and corrosion. The property holds the average Cap made from stainless steel SS316, ensuring absolute safety, do not leak. Filter housings tested durability at high pressure to 125psi.

The size of installation

-Height: 40 inches ~ 10
2cm-diameter: 12 inch ~ 31 cm-c
onnectors: 60 mm

Filtration membrane and lifetime traffic

-Filter Membrane folded matching charcoal for filtering traffic is very high, up to 3 m 3/h.

-With water supplies has been rough handling, the membrane filter clogged just after the filter is at least 500,000 liters of water.

-Ultraviolet bulb longevity 9000 hours.

Water filter applications

-Water Filters Filter drinking
soft drink-civil
-food processing Water, beverage wat
er filter-mini pool-wate
r filter-water Filtration o
n yacht for nursery grown, processed aquatic products such as shrimp, crab-like uô
m-And other applications of customers …

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