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Water softening equipment selection

The optimal choice

The water softener control valve Clack (or Fleck) is one of the optimal choice for the pure water filter line large capacity and quality.


Handles "hard water" for living, production of ice water, boiler water, food, health, pure water …


The shell is made from a mixture of synthetic fiber glass, corrosion and pressure, food standard FDA pharmaceutical.

Ion exchange resins.

Depending on the application or specific processing requirements, can use ion exchange materials.

However, you can use the typical materials as follows:

  -Water softening: use specialized resins water softener or strong cation exchange resins;

  -Reduction of minerals: use resin cation exchange and anion in many different devices;

  -Reduction of mixed ions: using plastic particles mixed in the same device;

  -Reduced whole ion: use strong cation exchange resins, weak and strong anion, in different devices.

Resin characteristics:

The source made clear; Produced by Dow Chemical

Uniform size allows the system to operate with high productivity and low operating costs than grain thừờng, and longevity of operation allows higher also.

Clack control valve (or Fleck) automatically

Control valves, exhaust filter wash cycle backwards and rebirth can choose the type of manual or automatic operation.

The water softening using the automatic valve Fleck

The water softening using the automatic valve Fleck

Automatic control valve has 2 types:

   a) type use the electronic timer, operating the reverse wash cycle and regenerate automatically according to the preset time;

   b) quantitative types according to the volume of minerals contained in the water source.

The electronic control valve Fleck 7000 can install the program easy, high reliability, allow manual operation when the power is interrupted!

Advantages and features of ion exchange system WATTS

  -Water flow and grade large discharge

  -Install and operate the valve easily.

  -Connect to the source by the quick coupling.

  -Capacity up to 600.000 grains (90 kg minerals).

  -Use raw materials and advanced components

  -Special design of Turkish regeneration helps improve the efficiency of processing.

  -Have the van against the stuffy by stainless steel.

  -Safety valves for Turkish regeneration.