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What is needed for the production of drinking water close comments?

The business potential of day chuyen dong nuoc loc binh

The beverage business in General and water bottle, (including mineral water, mineral water, pure water) in particular is a highly profitable industry. Every year this business attracts far more new investors. Even when difficult economic, food, drinking water is still the most attractive investment sectors.

Everybody knows, to be able to stand strong and growth in bottled drinking water environment full of this attractive, investors need the careful calculations about engineering, technology, and equipment lines.

However, the specific steps to embark on the fact how are some people familiarity.

day chuyen dong nuoc loc binh

Water filter chains close comments

What to do:

Investors should print out paper and mark the entries made are:

-Search open positions, factory production. Stay away from susceptible points such as cemeteries, inventory, warehouse, chemical plants, livestock farms, waste disposal area.

-Business register if not already have or sign more business fields of drinking water, bottled beverage.

-Good water sources, if necessary drilling and testing of the overall water resources.

-Build water tower and water supply piping system.

-Prepare the power source match the device.

-Choice of appropriate technology to the water source.

-Buy best quality filtration equipment within the financial capabilities.

-Investment in bottling line automatically if the production of large and medium scale.

-Preparation of consumable resources such as bottles, shells, membranes, labels …

-Logo design and brand.

-Planning of staffing, recruitment and training.

-Preparation of transportation products.

-Preparation of financial resources sufficient to operate the plant for at least 6 months, when not yet really have the revenue.

-Investing in backup generators (depending on the place)

The cost of opening lines of pure water filter close the jar (small scale)

-By: 60-100m2 or more, the price depending on the area

-Business register: 3-5 million.

-Drill rigs: from 15 million

-Tanks: 10-15 million

-Water filter chain: 60 – 200 million (depending on capacity)

-Average closing lines-bottled: 50-500 million custom levels of automation

-Cost of average shell, shell bottle: 30-50 million.

-Labelling design costs, shrink-film (the first time): 10-20 million

Human (local option):

-Employee operation of the system: 1 person

-Delivery staff: 1 person

-Packaging: 1 staff person

-Management: 1 person

Cost of production: mainly consists of workers, electricity, water, membrane, label co

-The total cost of production of each vase 20 litres: 4000-7000 Dong

-Total production cost per bottle 500 ml: 1200.

Practical example:

A small scale production facilities, from the 6th month begins the design reached 70%. Average daily consumption of 20 litres water 300 types, the wholesale price of 12,000 VND/comments.

Revenue per month: average 300 x 12,000 VND VND 90 million days = 25 x

After deducting production costs, have people reaching profit to 60 million, has only reached 20 million. (Sure you will have people asking about this difference).

The risks should be avoided:

-Choose the technology didn't fit with the water source.

-Use the backward technology (also called junk technology)

-Investing in cheap equipment, poor quality, often have to suspend production to maintenance.

-The system works not stable, finished product water quality is not guaranteed.

-Competition with low prices, not focused on maintaining quality.

Water filter An always ready to advise you on the process of implementing a system of closed water production the average efficiency.

Please provide us with the following information via email [email protected]m.

-Name, address, telephone of the owner,

-Power (calculated by the average number of countries should plan to consume each day/month).

-Ask about the level of automation,

-Location of installation

-Water resource analysis inputs