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How do hot water filter for simple and efficient family

Family water filter model actually not new, today is still very much a family-made filter tank. Free will guide how to make a water treatment system is simple and convenient, inexpensive. Raw materials, mainly quartz, activated carbon, manganese sand … 

water treatment system

Pure water treatment system

DIY filter tank models

Depending on the actual conditions in each family, can build big, small tank. Based on the volume of the tank and the material layer height you can calculate the mass of filter material poured into the tank. Just installed properly according to the above model is you've got to be a source of living water quality standards allow.

Preparation materials

-Quartz sand (or sandy gold)

-Activated carbon


-Manganese Sand

-Gravel supports

-extra material:

-PVC pipe-truss used to create rain, and the water tank bottom collection

-quail, Valve angle.

In brief

-The bottom Layer is pebbles, creating space for collectors.

-Next is the layer of activated carbon, manganese sand. Use the nuts than as small as possible to coloring, odor adsorption and soluble chemicals.

-The top layer is quartz sand, golden sand or black sand (if want to eliminate iron, manganese and fishy smell).

-The difference here is that the material is quartz sand filtration, activated carbon, manganese, sand … at the same time hot this filter must always be submerged, creating the fineness in the material.

The process of water filter

-The filter equipment is always made according to principles of the mouth pipe is higher than the surface on top of the sand layer.

-When the water in the tank rises, the water in the tube also surges by the principle of peace. The water will flow out when the water level in the tank is higher than the mouth tube. Water will stop flowing when the water level in the tank to lower horizontal with the mouth tube. Thus, the top of the sand layer never gets dry, forming a micro-membrane filter can be both bacteria.

Some note

Customized cases, might add 1 buoy or float to control power supply automatically for the hot filter. The filtration equipment have the valve to tub wash should need to periodically wash the filter material can guarantee the quality of the water at the same time the layer underneath remains clean for reuse.


-This system is suitable for both ground water and river water, just change the corresponding filter material.

Hopefully with improvements seemingly very simple, every family can do a hot filter to always have water sources safe enough for daily living.

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