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How to raise the pH levels in the water when too low

How to raise the pH levels in the water when too low (filtered pure water production line)

pH is an index determines the chemical properties of the water. The pH scale from 0-14. Theoretically, the water has a pH = 7 is neutral. At pH 7, the water so alkaline. Ph calculation ladders is a function Logarrit.

For example pH = 5 has a 10-fold higher xit pH = 6, 100 times the pH = 7. Ph affects the taste of the water.

What is the Ph?

It features A water xit (low pH) usually due to geographical reasons caused, e.g. rain ware

We need to determine the pH of the water source to:

-Evaluate the corrosion of metal for pipes, the water container.

-Risk assessment of metals can dissolve into water sources such as lead, copper, iron, cadmium, zinc … have in the medium of water, in the pipeline.

-First data the impact to accuracy when using water resources processing measures. The processing, handling equipment is often based on the assumption of pH is neutral (6-8). Therefore, people often have to adjust the pH before treatment.

pH has ảnhhưởng to health?

In drinking water, the pH virtually very little affect health, except for small children to drink directly, in a relatively long time (System digestive enzymes). However computer ware (or corrosive) of water can increase the metal ions from the medium, indirect adverse effects on health.

Signs of low pH

Often the most conspicuous is the blurriness of the blue Moss on the medium bronze, the reddish brown stain on the character of iron and steel. Hard to see sign than the metal items worn inhabitants.

PH tests of well water

With the sophisticated measuring instruments, the lab will give the most accurate results. Please comply with the instructions of the laboratory to the sampling is not misleading. The cutters, the quick test kit can only give out the numbers. Usually don't do serious before considering treatment.

PH adjustment

PH neutral filters

If the pH is not too low, you can use the filter material is Calcite (limestone) or magnesia (magnesium oxide) to raise the Ph. This type of filter has a filtration residue should need reverse wash frequently, avoid causing obstruction. The materials in the melt filter slowly and gradually shrinkage. So should regularly check and periodic supplements.

This method usually increases the amount of calcium and makes the water is harder. So to watch the hardness to have appropriate adjustment method. If the hardness is too high, you need to do. Want to use materials more durable, more crude condensate purification equipment should be ahead.

Can also use water treatment device the machine automatically adjust the Ph

Ph regulators

Ph regulators

Adjust the pH of chemicals

Chemical metering pump

With the large scale or when pH is too low, often using quantitative pumps to soda or Soda mixture and Hypochlorite. The pump adjustment will be calculated based on the fact, the balance between these parameters: the pump flow, pH, concentration of aqueous chemicals to make sure pH is increased just enough.

When the iron or contaminated water sources of infection, the concentration of aqueous hypochlorite, soda will be more complicated. In some cases, can use Kali to raise pH, but have to calculate carefully to not cause adverse health effects.

(Source the article collection-He thong loc nuoc RO)