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How to handle the harmful effects of FLUORINE in water

If your water supply has Fluoride, you should be interested in this issue and seek to resolve. Flo got in the water is one of the controversial issues in the filtering process of pure water at present, there are many people interested in this issue decided to research to find a way to solve.

Flo is a really extreme and adding it on to the sterilization is really the issue, however most people do not know this or knows but does not control the content of decisions in State allowed by the Flo system provides city water. The important thing for you is the source of this water can completely handle and remove fluoride out of the water.

Before starting the process of pure water we need to learn more about some of the causes of pollution.


What is fluoride?

Flo include salt compounds are formed when combined with the minerals in the soil or rock. Fluoride ion can be found in the wild in some mineral or chemical production facility as the product of modern industry. The people are known and exposed to Fluorine primarily through food, water, toothpaste, fluoride is likely bleaching but it affects the bones and teeth after the process used.

Why is there fluoride in water?

Many cities in America have added fluoride to the water supply of them to ensure a clean water source at the same time protect your dental health and to reduce the level of tooth decay by people in General. Scientific studies have shown that the amount of low-fluorine in saliva capable of protecting tooth enamel of people from mineral reduction and prevent tooth decay.

This is the reason why fluoride is added to most brands of toothpaste and other oral hygiene products to treat around the teeth.

Surface water often have low Fluorine 0.2 mg/l. With regard to groundwater, when flowing through the limestone, dolomite, clay, fluoride concentrations in water may be as high as 8-9 mg/l. The research results showed that when the concentrations of fluoride reaches 2 mg/l was doing black teeth. If using a regular source of water with high Fluorine than 4 mg/l can make the bone folder. Flo has no cancer-causing expression. Standard drinking water fluoride concentration specified in the range 0.7-1.5 mg/l.

Flo affects health.

Fluoride is a toxic compound, affecting the bones, if exposure and contamination of water resources use this flo in a long time can cause increased bone pain, broken bones and increases the likelihood of cancer. The most recent studies of Harvard University shows that children in the region of the country are more Fluorine has an IQ on average lower than in the other regions. This conclusion was based on analysis of the results of the previous survey 27.

In addition, the study also concluded: Fluoride affects the brain development of young children is stronger than for older people.

The experiments on animals showed reduced aluminium element Fluorine in the neuron nerves, causes a small change to the development of the brain, dementia.

Removing Fluorine in water

Flo can be removed from the water through a few methods such as:

-Distillation: distillation is an effective method to remove fluoride and methane gas. But it takes a lot of time to get pure water and and this method consumed large thermal energy to boil water.

-Reverse osmosis: a reverse osmosis system uses a semi-permeable membrane-filtration membrane ro to filter contamination causing substances from water and can effectively eliminate up to 97.7% Fluoride from your drinking water. The water is forced to travel through a semi-permeable membrane, the membrane has the ability to filter the pollutants with a small size to 0.001 micro, this size is even smaller than many types of viruses.

Most of the RO system can run without water pressure and does not require electricity to operate, and we can produce a large volume of water for the large family. The he thong loc nuoc RO utility and cost effectiveness and this is also why it is the most common type of air filter to remove Fluoride from drinking water.

-Active: Aluminum-xit active aluminum are made from minerals natural corundum and it usually gets all the families used to filter and remove fluoride from water. Fluoride was sucked through powerful foam pads, foam Burma uses the process of adsorption to catch and absorb it out of the water and protect people when exposed to fluoride compounds through the skin, digestion, such as the respiratory tract through items such as shower, sink water.