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Maintenance of equipment in the system cold storage, ice machine

Maintenance of equipment of air-vapor may lam vien skin

-Discharge the ice cooler: When the tape sticking on the heat will increase much cooler back of cooler, the air flow going through the staging of clogged, reducing the air flow, in some cases clogging the impeller, the fan motor not turn motor burn. So must exhaust regular ice cooler. In 1 day minimum discharge of 2 times. In many systems can spot cooler fan voltage to conduct expanded. When the tape sticking much smaller air line, the line increases the traction return according to your current fan. Cooler fan voltage tracking can know when to discharge ice is the most reasonable.

Slitting process divided into 3 stages:

+ Phase 1:-gas runs out in cooler +
stage 2: ice cooler Disch
arge + phase 3: dry cooler-cooler fan maintenance.

-Heat exchanger: staging hygiene To sanitary heat exchanger should stop staging system entirely, to the dry cooler and used brooms to sweep. If not need to rinse with water, condensate discharge system by country can be used for staging.

-Discharge of the oil cooler on the average oil recovery or discharge directly outside.

-Sanitary drainage trough cooler.

-Check the maintenance of measuring devices, control.

Maintenance of cooler herringbone-pure water ice production machines

For cooler herringbone likely sticking little dirty because often submerged in salt water. The work related to the cooler fish bones include:

-Periodically discharge the oil accumulates in the cooler. Cooler capacity due to very large fish bones so the ability to accumulate in staging a lot of oil. When the oil in the area cooler heat exchanger efficiency fish bones reduced, circulatory process of the physical environment affected and especially how your lack of serious oil influence to lubrication regime.

Forced convection cooler

Forced convection cooler

-Maintenance of the Storm stirring wing: simultaneously with the process of maintenance of cold fish bones need to inspect, filter the water inside the tank. If the dirt can discharge to water change. In the course of work, water can spill flowing from the rocks off hot nống reduce levels of salt, if the concentration of salt water is not guaranteed to need add more salt.

Maintenance of the average volatility-blue leather garment

The average discharge less volatility out of failure, except the status of oil buildup inside the jar. So for the average volatility to note oily discharge often unsettled inside the jar. Use cases for cooling water, can happen bad dirt clinging inside towards the water line, so also need hygiene, residue discharge in that case.