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Advice do hot water filter wells

If you are living in the big city, the borehole water filter may sound quite strange but for the countryside then this really is the hot issue, by according the statistical report, the water sources here are heavily contaminated by impurities, iron, manganese, arsenic.  While economic conditions remain difficult despite know but the people it ... ... xem thêm

Direct drinking water purifier

Direct drinking water softener really useful during the today's busy life. Just invest a modern water filter is that you can own yourself safe water sources, sure. However there remains no less users also fret about the quality of the water has been processed, whether the water has passed through the filter machine drink directly? ... ... xem thêm

Together learn what is the best Water Purifier today 2017

What is the best water purifier is now the questions of many people before deciding to invest in a water filter machines for his family. On the market today have too much water purifier firm with diversified, the price, the quality varies as cause for customer's choice work become difficult.  Comprehend customer's difficulty, with many ... ... xem thêm

Irene School trade co., Ltd

Photos Park ice machine capacity 8 tons/24 hMr Nguyen Tien (commercial limited company director Irene School): "the market has more pure Park ice machine line, song I select ice machines Park 8 ton/24 h of An company about its manufacturing base by An eminence: your quick ice making the safe, clean. Stable performance, famous imported ... ... xem thêm

ZOTA Vietnam co., Ltd

Image: Ice machines Park 9 tons ZOTA co., Ltd Vietnam photos ZOTA co., Ltd Vietnam photos ZOTA Vietnam co., Ltd headquartered in the number 9/298 Upper City Which He, Ward, Thanh Hoa City Square, Thanh Hoa. Operations in 2014 with the main lines of business are: production of non-alcoholic drinks, mineral water. Zota company is ... ... xem thêm

The company limited the production and commercial investment Truong Thinh

  Photos Park ice machine capacity 15T/24 h A member company of commercial investment and production activity in the field of Truong Thinh food supply of pure chi Member rock Recreation Center ' V ' star and the market has contracted Park ice machine capacity of 15 tons/24 h. Mr. Nguyen Truong Thinh, Director of ... ... xem thêm

Water softening equipment selection

The optimal choice The water softener control valve Clack (or Fleck) is one of the optimal choice for the pure water filter line large capacity and quality. Application: Handles "hard water" for living, production of ice water, boiler water, food, health, pure water … Texture The shell is made from a mixture of synthetic fiber ... ... xem thêm