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Only the number of TDS?

Only the number of TDS is often referred to as the measurement test water sources, so what is TDS? This indicator is related to water resources and how to reduce this index in water?

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What is TDS?

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids '-total dissolved solids, is the total number of ions carry charge, including minerals, salts or metals exist in a certain volume of water, usually denoted by function mi/L or ppm (ngìn section). TDS is often taken as the initial basis for determining the level of clean water sources.

TDS from?

Dissolved solids are said to exist here in the form of negative ions and positive ions. Due to the water soluble properties always have highly recommended it often tends to take the ion from the animal to which it is exposed. For example, when the underground flow of water ice, say will grab calcium ions, minerals. When the flow in the pipes, the water will grab metal ions on the surface of the pipe, such as iron, copper, lead (plastic)

The relationship between TDS and purity

Under the current rules of the WHO, the US EPA, and both Vietnam, TDS does not exceed 500 mg/l for water and food do not exceed 1000 mg/l for the living water

TDS as small as water proves clean (if too small then the almost no longer minerals). Some of the applications in the electronic industry require TDS does not exceed 5.

However, the converse is not always true. High TDS water sources not yet sure didn't, maybe because it contains many beneficial ion. The type of mineral water is usually not restricted on TDS.

Water softener on the market have the TDS rate like?

Currently on the market have risks and the Nano. The RO TDS tense is very low, with many water softener, water after filtering can have smaller 8 TDS, however in contrast to the purity is lost minerals, mineral water source, then loss treated as dead water source. With the type of air filter Nano, TDS may be over but on the contrary very abundant mineral content of micronutrients, minerals are indispensable to human body.

Consumers in this case begs the question, what does high TDS then there is filter water?

The answer here is Yes

Why? -Because when your filter appear on the market, they have been licensed by the Ministry of health and mineral content make high TDS here are the minerals beneficial, absolutely no longer appears the Chlorine or heavy metal. …

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