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Ozone water purification technology

Ozone water purification technology

Ozone is a gas not sustainable, composed of three oxygen atoms. Because this unsustainable nature, ozone very quickly become oxygen and releasing free oxygen atom 1. This free atoms react very strongly and are too short, longevity only few milliseconds in normal conditions.

Ozone has no color but slightly fishy smelling, like the phenomenon after the lightning. Here indeed is a very strong oxidizing agent, can handle more toxins in the water, including the color, smell and taste. Ozone also replace chlorine in sterilization, pasteurization in the water purification industry.

An introduce more detail about water treatment technology using Ozone.

Ozone Water Purifier

Ozone water treatment system

The process of formation of Ozone

Discharge methods

Ozone was normally created by simulating the process of creating Thunder in nature. Under the impact of a thousand KV voltage, oxygen molecules are being split into two oxygen atoms. The freedom leave oxygen atoms combine with one another to create ozone O3.

The principle of the RO water treatment by Ozone

The principle of the RO water treatment by Ozone

Due to ozone unsustainable so nobody can store or packaged ozone that phảỉ created right at the place where needed. Typically, each ozone machines should have 1 Clean Air Purifier to pure oxygen for the process of creating ozone. The handling of the humidity and the purity of the gas is forced to Bowl, because the entire impact of high-voltage lines, even nitrogen (80%) will also be Nazi box bar change nitrogen, combine with moisture to form nitric acid, which is very toxic.

Ozone generating UV

In this case, ultraviolet light is split into oxygen molecules the atoms. This method uses the UV wavelength nanometer 185 extremely short and made a very small amount of ozone, only about 0.01-0.1% but there is no need to clean the air.

Clean ozone into water tank magnet.

Contact time

After the ozone water on guideline, have to wait some time for the oxidation takes place. Suppose we ozone magnet on a 100 litre water reaction, saving semi-permanent water is 20 lit/min. Contact time will be 100:20 = 5 minutes. However, the contact time is dependent on the impurities need to handle and learn the function of ozone. can to tens of minutes.

Oxidized impurity filter: often used these filters 1-5 microns.

Special note of pure water filtration systems using ozone

  • If not calculate properly the time of exposure, the use of ozone will not be effective.
  • Have sufficient amount of ozone needed on facility measurements accurately counting the co concentration of the impurities need to forward.
  • Ozone can do oxidative the pipes, filter materials, tanks and equipment details.
  • Ozone can affect users if not fitted with means of proper labor protection …