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Distinguished member of the rock and the rock standard members

Free security-recent times, newspaper says a lot about the production of the stone tablets are not satisfactory. Let's be smart consumers opting for the family stone, quality clean bag. The reality stone tablets are not pure control do you doubt?

Get to know the rock clean and dirty rock

Get to know the rock clean and dirty rock

How to buy pure campus rock really?

Ice water quality must reach 40 criteria for heavy metals, stone products must reach 22 criteria, including 6 goals Zhao about microorganisms shall be the Department of health granting quality standard.

Accordingly, the process of ice water, then standard members retrieved from a depth of 90 m, is handled through reverse osmosis filtration system RO and kill bacteria by ultraviolet rays. The mold parts of stone, stone cutters, Turkish water level do the stones, mortars and cold air system's stone load dandruff production of pure water ice are all stainless steel, no corrosion over time.

Ice production cycle fully automated, self-contained, with no direct contact with human hands, so ice members the new pure ensures safe food hygiene.

However, according to the South Korean Liberal BS, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Hanoi Health Department then right at the base is the certification, the quality of the stones still have differences, by have grassroots reach minimum threshold, have reached maximum threshold basis, even reached international standards. So, with the production facility, as quality cannot be guaranteed.

How to get rock and stone tablets to distinguish pure Member?

Research at the company's accreditation shows that: we affirm that can distinguish the stone tablets and capsules of pure craft if discomfort to Italy a bit:

-Kick off normally when members leave residue, opaque. The stone tablets on the pure Cup of water remains throughout, insight to the other side. When dissolved in water, such as mineral water.

-Stone pure melted long Member Gabriel 4-5 times the stone tablets.

-A member of pure plays SAC has produced address, register copyright, name of the production base. Stone was close in plastic bags, Pocket margin.

However, while the management of the production base of stone Park craft nearly out of control, plus the sizable disparity in prices compared with the stone tablets (200-700đồng/kg), stone tablets "dirt" certainly still has a foothold on the market when that Hanoi alone every day need not under 120 ton stones.

Therefore, people should be self conscious of her health protection, choose pure member of the stone base is published regularly and quality are closely monitored.