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Reverse osmosis water filter technology

Reverse osmosis water filter technology

To date, reverse osmosis is still considered as the most advanced technology in the industry, only new water water filter "chui finalist". As such, it is also called Hyberfiltration. Water filter An introduce about reverse osmosis technology.

What is reverse osmosis?

Interpreting informally, it is a reverse process of osmosis.

Osmosis is a natural phenomenon. The water never is also shifting from where there is a concentration of salt/mineral low to where there are higher concentrations. The process takes place until the concentration of mineral salts from 2 where this balance.

To do the reverse (reverse osmosis), used a pressure strong enough to push the water backward from where salt/mineral "seepage" through a special membrane type to arrive there or have less salt/mineral.

RO Membrane

Is a thin membrane made from Cellulose Acetate material, Polyamide or TFC membranes are the small hole to 0.001 microns. All of these high pressure membrane but resistant to pH and chlorine are not the same, depending on the brand.

The process of reverse osmosis pure water treatment system:

With the speed and pressure, the water flow on the surface of the membrane. Part of the water molecules "chui" through the filter hole. The impurities was drifting and "waste" dropped out. With this way, the surface of the membrane is washed and constantly RISKS life to five years.

The type of substance (residue, bacteria, viruses) without going through the filter hole pharmacy, was washed over the surface of the membrane filter and drainage

Osmotic water filter technology

Application of reverse osmosis technology:

After more than 50 years of commercialization, reverse osmosis filtration membranes are being widely applied in curve listen loc nuoc RO, from aerospace industry to the family kitchen. RO membranes can see very much in the sea water, the woolen factory electronic components, pharmaceutical preparations, nuclear power plants, …

Due to the eminence of this special filter membranes, in practice in many places, sometimes, it gets excessive abuse. For example, many pure water plant, although there is good water sources, not contaminated but still choose reverse osmosis technology, while there are many other more sensible alternative, saving and more environment friendly.