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RO membranes for water purification

RO water purifier in the family

Initially, the filter membrane RO was invented and the main application for the filtering of fresh water from sea water. Later, RO membranes are also used extensively in the manufacturing sector should use pure water, such as electronic circuit manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical processing and water for the nuclear power plant …

Water after filtering by RO membranes will not minerals, and trace elements necessary for life.

RO membrane for living water

Question: drink water filtered by membranes risk safety?

Answer: that depends on the type of RO membrane.

Basically, there are 3 types of RO membranes are commonly used:

-RO Membranes for salt water

-RO Membranes used for brackish water.

-RO for fresh water.

Saltwater and brackish water contains salt so many high RISK network. Fresh water use in living no salt is needed use RO or not?

Freshwater refers to activities that do not contain salt, but may contain some minerals beyond the ability to handle/body's absorption. Even when there is no water source of heavy metal but in the process of circulation of water from the plant to the place of use, clean water can take some heavy metals have in the pipe system.

Water pipes are made primarily from plastic beads have mixed some more metal, among them, have these toxic metals such as lead. Also, in the water treatment process, the water plants often have to use chemicals and they remain after processing. RO membrane can remove the pharmaceutical compounds.

RO remove the heavy metals, chemical residue, so it also makes the water no longer micronutrients minerals?

RO membrane used for fresh water, used for civil activities be more liquid-membrane types wrap used for salt water and other types of membranes in water filter RO industrial lines.

If the filtering efficiency of the membrane type RO in day chuyen loc nuoc 99.8% effective, then the industry is export of civilian RO only a maximum of 98%. So water after filtering by RO Civil still left a small amount of micro-mineral content, of course, does not exceed the limit of standard drinking water (WHO, TCVN)

To be sure, more water after filtering by RO, if want to use for food and drink must be complemented with a number of basic minerals.

In Vietnam, for a long period, the company produces pure water frequently flashed his products have low TDS index. At that time, both the manufacturers and the people are psychologically more pure water as possible.

Thankfully, so far, the consumer has to understand, pure is: "clean + does not have too many minerals, heavy metals but also beneficial micronutrients minerals for the body".

Explain how the code for RO membranes for Home:

For example, RO of Watts has code: W-1812-24, W-1812-36, W-1812-50, W-1812-75 W-1812-100

The first word is usually short-film maker or the application of the membrane (TW is used for lining Tap Water-tap water, not reflective of Taiwan:)

diaphragm size is calculated according to the 1812 inches: length 18 inches, diameter 1.2 inch. the last number is calculated according to the traffic on: 24GPD the equivalent of 100 liters per day.