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Should choose Water Purifier or water purifier Nano RO?

Should you choose to purchase your water filter RO water purifier or Nano? Water purification RO technology good or good Nano technology? This is the question to be addressed to customer advisory, customer care An the most.

An intensive activity of speciality water treatment, with nearly 20 years of experience will help you choose are water softener water sources suits your home, your family terms.

He thong loc nuoc RO

Water purification RO technology

Water purification RO technology


-The application of reverse osmosis technology (RO water filter) filter out pure water, any water source (well water, river water, hard water, water pollution, brackish water) when filtered through the air filter Ro are out of pure water. To filter the sea water into fresh water must also apply RO Membrane technology (RO membrane for salt water).

-After passing the filter directly, soft, pure cooking without residue.


-Pure water frequently does not hold are natural mineral microelements are good for the body.

-Many waste water (10 litres of water level on, get 2-3 litres of pure water, waste water removal 7-8 liters).

-The problem with RO water purifier often occurs when air is 2 years or more when taking 1 liter of pure water emission rate of 15 liters, that is a fact machines as long as higher rate, can cause increased costs to use.

-The device has mounted pump, adaptor, val from low voltage, high voltage, val. (Power consumption and short electrical fires sometimes).

-Clogged Or if hard water source RO (have more residue of lime), brackish water, rising costs in the past.

RO water purifier water source should be used?

-Recommended for water wells or water-source air pollution levels are high (Typically water purification stations in communes, rural poor water filtration, water not standard).

-Brackish water Sources (coastal)

-Do not use filtered rainwater acidic rainwater range, water after filtering through your RISK increases the acidity of the water is not good for health.

Curved-listen out for RISK nuoc loc water quality are the same because they all use the RO Membrane technology company Dow Filmtec-USA, for your RO need is power device, the pump must run smoothly, not noisy durable good, experience should choose the air filter has a long term warranty of 3 years or more , do not necessarily use the mark or advertise much, usually priced very high quality then the usual short-term warranty.

NANO technology Water Purifier

NANO technology Water Purifier

NANO technology Water Purifier

Use the filter membrane with nano size small filter slots, nanomaterials, the core filtering technology Nano Silver bactericidal Aragon (water softener Nano) Air water filters Nano fit your water source, water wells, well processed (via hot water filter water filter equipment, oil well drilling), the source of rain water.


-The following Countries through water, soft drink, Nano software

-Do not use electricity, not to waste water, natural mineral microelements hold good for the body. If you have kids and older people diet should use water softener Nano.

-Compact Machine, fitting every position (wall, below the sink bowl, fitting in stainless steel cabinets).


-For water supplies have more residue of lime, the work to revert core filter to follow periodically, if not revert promptly when cooking cause close residue (should you choose to purchase the water softener filter capable Nano residue of lime or buy water softener devices attached, you feel secure when there is no water residue of lime and lifetime of devices raised very high lasts 5-7 years).

-Water supplies contaminated brackish, saline contamination you can use air purifiers Nano, but the salt water cannot be filtered.

You use the Water Purifier water sources after the Nano:

-Air water resource should you choose to buy water purifier Nano Rova.

-Precipitation water source should choose water softener Nano Rova (neutralize acidity in rain water), do not use RO water purifier.

-Well water Source was through the filtration tank, filtration equipment. Water quality standards after filtering through to reach the colorless odorless, tasteless in terms of perception. 


-Water sources too polluting should choose air filter rain water resources, water, air, well water through the filter tank more crude should choose Nano Water Purifier.

-To a good water filter system and stable quality of water after your filter, the core hygiene filter periodically is important, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

There is a reality there many customers choose the wrong equipment, complained Water Purifier providers is not good, because you chose the wrong device in the first example:

Case 1:

-Have customers have pretty good tap water source of HO CHI MINH CITY Hanoi, when buy select Water Purifier air RO, in the process of use see more sewage, electricity must be used for the pump, when the power does not get the water, waste water and more, the cost of replacement of filter cores high and frequently, conveniently during use.

In this case you should choose buy water purifier, Nano just hold the mineral microelements are good for health, has no power, no waste water filtering core, durable …

Case 2:

Have customers use borehole water, pumped through the rough sketchy filtration tank, water, many organic yellow residue of iron, … Should not choose to buy water purifier to purify the Nano directly, in this case RO Purifier should choose, should not choose water softener Nano input water source because of non-standard, if users of your Nano you have to redo the coarse filter tank as standard.

Borehole water filtration process must follow the following process:

Well water-source-water filtration equipment (Hot water filter)—living water (tap water)—Water Purifier, Nano-–instant drink.