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Technology of water disinfection with ultraviolet rays

Technology of water disinfection with ultraviolet rays

UV water disinfection is the most effective method of sterilization the bacteria out of the water. Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate the pathogens by attacking the core di volleyball (DNA).

This method is extremely effective in removing the ability of the bacteria to cause disease.

Water disinfection using UV water treatment method is simple, effective and safe to the environment. Water filtration system by the method of ultraviolet light can destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals and do not alter the original flavors. UV water filters are often used in combination with the method of reverse osmosis filter or activated carbon.

Equipment for water disinfection by ultraviolet light

Equipment for water disinfection by ultraviolet light

Disinfection by UV rays like distillation, potable water without adding chemicals, and thus also some of the same benefits as the distillation. It does not create a new chemical compound, does not change the taste of the water, and also does not remove beneficial minerals in the water.

Active processes

For water flowing through an enclosed tube which contains ultraviolet light fitting. The UV rays are released into the water. DNA/RNA structure of micro-organisms is altered making them unable to survive and reproduce. Ultraviolet light in a certain frequency can kill 99.99% of bacteria but does not remove any impurities in the water there. This method uses electricity and often used in the final stages of industrial water filtration systems. Other than boiled, this method saves electricity and much faster. This is the safe disposal methods if combined with additional types of charcoal.

Pros and cons


-With this method, you will easily get sterilized water resources with costs much lower than with the sterilization with chlorine or Ozone. After the water is sterilized will retain flavor, essential minerals and trace elements

-Environmental friendly, spend less time and space

-Easy connection, only 2 connect is connected to water and electric connections


Has good bactericidal capability but do not have the ability to filter, clean the dirt in the water. Thus, before putting water through sealed tubes mounted ultraviolet lamps, ensure water has been filtered, clean the dirt.

Free water filtration disinfection technology application Security by ultraviolet rays of he thong loc nuoc RO cong nghiep ensure the best quality product for every customer.