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The principle of operation of industrial cooling system

Principle of cold preservation repository system is relatively diverse. There are two common forms for use as cooling by wind (condenser) and water-cooled (condenser).

The following diagram introduces the principle of the system is usually used for cold preservation in seafood processing enterprises or units provided stone production.

The model of industrial cooling systems

The model of industrial cooling systems

Before they used the cooling by wind, but through practical use, noticed the days hot summer cooling efficiency, condensing pressure systems is quite high, even high pressure relays disconnect does not work.

For example in Danang, many summer days reach 38 OC, when using condenser cooling by wind, then condensation temperature can reach 48° c., if the repository using R22, corresponding pressure is 18.543 bar. With the pressure of high pressure relays that HP will disconnect to stop the machine, this is very dangerous, the product may be damaged. The pressure setting of the relays of HP is often the 18.5 kG/cm2.

So, now it is common to use a condenser in the refrigeration system of cold storage preservation. Review on economy the solution using condensers according to our experiences remain cheap and can easily be built than condenser cooling by air.

Industrial cooling systems

Industrial cooling systems

Especially in this principle is the condenser and chứac features high pressure tanks. For this type of condenser heat exchanger tubes, only the layout at the top of the jar.

With the use of condenser-tank system, simple, compact and lower investment costs. However, the liquid temperature is greater than normal in the system container, should high condensation pressure and cooling efficiency has decreased.

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