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The process of creating of An USAPec Park ice machine

Ice production machines are used to produce ice pellets hollow circular cylinder in use. The texture of the studios have a number of different but the General principles are very similar.

The stones are produced in the tube size is often used is 57. Boiling refrigerant pipe outside, in the course of work outside the flooded refrigerant pipes.

The working process of the machine cycle and divided into 2 periods: the period of the freezing and thawing period reviews.

Activity diagram of ice machines Park

Activity diagram of ice machines Park

The process of creating your Free USAPec membership An ice:

-Texture like a condenser tube place the stand consists of a vase, inside there are many pipe, above the water tray layout, water from the tray flows inside pipes and cooling and freezing up the inner surface of the tube.

-From time to time, the thickness of the ice layer grows. The amount of water is 1 barrel put the bottom and continued to pump the pump up water supply above the tray to continue freezing. When ice thickness reaches 10-15 mm, then end the process of freezing and thawing process.

-To the process of with favorable price and tan easily get kicked out the tube created stone (stone mortar), the tubes must have a smooth inner surface, rivet. To melt the hot station used, price goes into the average liquid push in on the recovery tank and melt 1 thin layer of stones and it leaves the pipe falling.

-When falling below it was the knife cut into short segments as required. Then continue the process of freezing. In the process of melt water pump price.

-The time of ice machine ice depends on the thickness of the ice, temperature evaporation. Melting ice time about 2 minutes and rock dissolve thickness 0, 5 mm.

Ice machines are currently used in soft drink business is very popular in our country. Rock the Park has just the aesthetics fit should ensure very unpopular. On the other hand ice machines have relatively small size is very consistent with the trade and life, short, ice time.