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Waste water contaminated with Manganese

When your water source contaminated with manganese, the first expression you can easily get to know color is cloudy water. In the content below, An please give suggestions on how to handle your water source contaminated with manganese.

water contaminated with manganese

Water supplies were contaminated with manganese should handle

An expression is also recognizable when water contaminated with manganese is: black, usually the residue class is clinging to the bottom and into the tank.

Although Manganese had no major toxicity, also concluded that do not cause cancer, but it can stain clothing and when used as a food, drink water will have unpleasant odors.

To Manganese contamination of water in the country, people often use the Water Purifier system contains: charcoal, Manganese cation, sand, gravel, quartz sand, … in which Manganese sand is the most important, is the element that has the strongest Manganese reduction role.

Cat manganese (Mn) has the effect of separating the Hydrogen sulfide, iron and Manganeese out of the water; It has the role of a kind of substances will precipitate the whole nature, they attach to the particles.

It should be noted with the he thong loc nuoc risk cat Mn that after some time, when the seeds are no longer or reducing the likelihood of Mn oxidation, need to replace the sand Mn.

Manganese treatment system
Industrial water filter system water sources contaminated manganese processing

Specifically the principle of operation of the water filtration system that uses sand, charcoal, Manganese cation, gravel, quartz sand:

-After-water from the groundwater system up will push water into the filter column contains Mn sand, Mn2 + will be Mn (OH) 4 absorbed via oxidative reaction series.

-Not only Mn that both iron (Fe (OH) 3) also removed after the process.

-Activated carbon in the filter core have deodorant, color role of pollution in water sources.

-Manganese dioxide Sand has a supporting role (but is that power) to push strong concentrations of manganese and heavy metals.

-Water filter will filter quartz Sand dirt residue suspended solids as well as legendary enemies for water supplies.

-Tasks water softening, calcium cation by the particle.