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The pure water filtration method

The pure water filtration method

The selection of the equipment or the appropriate water filter system is essential to meet the demand for clean water, so a series of methods and technologies of clean water was born.

However the methods of those he thong loc RO curve design requirement is different, depending on the quality that customers can choose the right method

Hot mini filter in the family

Hot mini filter in the family

1. Reverse osmosis-membrane filter

Reverse osmosis is the method most commonly used in the production of equipment for this currently. Reverse osmosis is a method of filtering products, this method has the ability to separate the impurities and particles smaller than measured nanometer. Compared with the traditional distillation methods, then this method consume significantly lower energy and keep the volume of the water.

2. Filters

A method based on the separation of the mixture of ingredients in the template and just record some necessary components. Appropriate steps will be applied to the process of generating pure water in the cleaning phase after that. Chlorine, chloramine separator filter, chloride oxides, phenols, organic solvents and pesticides.

3. Mineral reduction by ion exchange method

Reduction method of retaining a mineral ions through a tank to place the process given the Hill is ionex or ion-exchange. Ion-exchange is likely to keep the salt ions and swap them for hydrogen and oxide ions hydrate. Cations of soluble salts are removed by Exchange of cations and anions of the soluble salts are removed by exchanging anions.

4. Distillation

Distillation is the clean mix in water by the method of separation of component based on initial boiling point. This process is done by using the temperature to boiling water, when the water vapor rises in boiling temperature high for him methods of cooling the water is condensation and water resource guide to the glass jars to preserve because distilled water can be an ear bacteria by the container such as plastic and stainless steel ….

5. UV sterilization

Ultraviolet radiation is a part of the light spectrum. Radiation in the range of UV-C (100 nm-280nm) have gemicidal effects. A sterilization unit containing one or more UV radiation reaches the wavelength value effectively to destroy the microorganisms. 99.99% destruction pathogene achieved through this method. Sterilized water approaches 15 000 l/h.

6-reverse osmosis system

This method should be effective, we need investment costs to apply this technology to replace the method of producing pure water in laboratory distillation and redistillation. These systems are mainly used for low water production costs and system maintenance costs.

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