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Technical corner

Check the air conditioning broken block (compressor)

1. Check the coils of the compressor may daa) check touching the casing-remove the wires from the compressor.-Put the meter and measure resistance between Rx1K scale visions with the shell-(pipe parts). If the resistor under the 1000K (1 m) is the compressor casing untouched–> instead of the compressor. b) check coil-Latest Rx1 scale meter and measure ... ... xem thêm

The effect of the common water treatment chemicals

Chemicals serves many different purposes in the water treatment process. Removing unwanted substances from the manufacturing process of pure water, kills harmful bacteria, help prevent tooth decay, and help prevent the corrosion of water pipes. Potassium permanganate Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is a common oxidizing agent more water into the plant from the Lake. It helps ... ... xem thêm

Maintenance of pumps, fans, cooling tower

Cooling tower: -Check the operation of the cooling towers, the propeller reduction gearbox, pumps, belt, ria shaft water distribution.-sanitary plastic mesh periodic water dissipation (heat sink plate, filling cooling tower)-bẫn condensate Discharge at the bottom of the cooling tower, sanitation, water change.-check line of activity of môtơ pump, fan, working status of the float valve. ... ... xem thêm

Learn about filtering tank automation

Turkish ready-built filters are widely applied in the water-level stations with small capacity or the day chuyen tinh khiet san nuoc crude. Filter is the final phase before the clean water is returned to the tank to pump out the water supply system outside the station. With layout filter material, the grain size of materials ... ... xem thêm

Learn about the charcoal water filter, deodorant, deodorant color

Activated charcoal (Activated Carbon)? Coal is produced from multiple source materials such as ashes of the shell peanuts (peanuts), coconut (coconut cranial) or coal. The raw material is heated in a vacuum environment, then be activated by the gas has properties extremely high temperatures in poker. This process creates the tiny hole works absorb and ... ... xem thêm

Some note when using ice machines mini Park

Mini Park ice machine not only used in industrial food production, but also in small families travellers. Air stone mini Park may encounter some problems such as not enough cold to create stone or stone to create member does not guarantee the quality or desired shapes. When a member of the rock machine, you have ... ... xem thêm

Application of UV disinfection lamps

UV disinfection lamps have broad spectrum bactericidal effect in water, ensuring uniform water flow, low power consumption, light irradiation conditions good, thorough disinfection, flexible installation features, have a lifespan of up to 12000 hours. UV is used more in the lines of the RO water purifier. Application of UV disinfection lamps UV disinfection lamps are ... ... xem thêm

Water Purifier new Hydrogen-Safe technology

Hydrogen purification version-Safe developed on the background of water filter system Jumbo patent do WATTS from 2011. Hydrogen purification-Safe ® integrated along at 3 levels in 1 compact texture filtering and can say is the easiest ever. Filter housings made of synthetic material, solid, high efficiency UV lamps, super small 0.2 micron filter with activated ... ... xem thêm

Instructions for use and storage cold storage Pallet

Pallet construction materials is indispensable in the warehouses, as well as when shipping goods, specifically made stands preserved cargo in cold storage of stone production line, An please guide how to use this material properly. Friction requirements For the product Pallet, the coefficient of friction control is necessary. Need attention to the coefficient of friction ... ... xem thêm

Tri-Plex: filters multipurpose All-in-One

Tri-Plex: for customers to ask what "the very best"! The application he thong nuoc glass coin glass khiet: -Reduction of color filter residue-Reduction Chlorine, mineral deodorant-softener-iron Reduction, reduction of fishy smell Enjoy a variety of benefits from the latest improvements in 2008 of WATTS -Perfect design for today for a master filter-handle most floor increases ... ... xem thêm

Advantages of PU panels in cold storage

PU Panel applications in the refrigeration system may san nuoc crude skin of An PU Panel is the core insulation Polyurethane insulation and some other additives. The two sides in and out or i-colorbond tole wrap nox 0.45 thick ÷ 0, 5 mm. Panel thickness from 50 ÷ 300 mm, maximum length: 19 m, width: ... ... xem thêm

Water filtration membrane Filmtec RO BW30-400

Filmtec membrane water filter BW30-400 is reverse osmosis, pressure, are direct Filmtec produced in America, An importing and distribution in Vietnam. Main application (day chuyen loc nuoc RO): Filter fresh water from brackish coastal resources. Industrial waste water purification, health Pros: Manufactured on modern production line, strict quality control, is the best filtration membrane application ... ... xem thêm