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How to handle the harmful effects of FLUORINE in water

If your water supply has fluoride, you should be interested in this issue and seek to resolve. Flo got in the water is one of the controversial issues in the water industry water filtration industry ... ... xem thêm

ISRAELI-style drip irrigation

Cultivation technology of Israel Israeli always make the world to amaze and admire about the ability development and the application of scientific and technological achievements. An please just mention one aspect while very young but do to Israel became the example for world agriculture followed. Israel has a very small area, over 20 thousand km2, ... ... xem thêm

Technology of water disinfection with ultraviolet rays

Technology of water disinfection with ultraviolet rays UV water disinfection is the most effective method of sterilization the bacteria out of the water. Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate the pathogens by attacking the core di volleyball (DNA). This method is extremely effective in removing the ability of the bacteria to cause disease. Water disinfection using UV ... ... xem thêm

The pure water filtration method

The pure water filtration method The selection of the equipment or the appropriate water filter system is essential to meet the demand for clean water, so a series of methods and technologies of clean water was born. However the methods of those he thong loc RO curve design requirement is different, depending on the quality ... ... xem thêm

Hard water treatment method

Hard water treatment method What is hard water? Hard water is water that contains ions have chemotherapy such as Ca2 +, Mg2 +, … Specific natural water are considered as hard if contained on three milliseconds equivalent grams of calcium cations (Ca2 +) and magnesium (Mg2 +) in a liter. Many countries have bitter + ... ... xem thêm

UF water purification technology

UF water purification technology UF technology (Ultra Filtration) will help remove these types of waste are relatively large in size out of the water by a membrane called the low pressure membranes. UF technology has many advantages as follows: The amount of power consumption for this technology is not much to ask when the filter, ... ... xem thêm

Waste water contaminated with Manganese

When your water source contaminated with manganese, the first expression you can easily get to know color is cloudy water. In the content below, An please give suggestions on how to handle your water source contaminated with manganese. Water supplies were contaminated with manganese should handle An expression is also recognizable when water contaminated with ... ... xem thêm

Ozone water purification technology

Ozone water purification technology Ozone is a gas not sustainable, composed of three oxygen atoms. Because this unsustainable nature, ozone very quickly become oxygen and releasing free oxygen atom 1. This free atoms react very strongly and are too short, longevity only few milliseconds in normal conditions. Ozone has no color but slightly fishy smelling, ... ... xem thêm

Reverse osmosis water filter technology

Reverse osmosis water filter technology To date, reverse osmosis is still considered as the most advanced technology in the industry, only new water water filter "chui finalist". As such, it is also called Hyberfiltration. Water filter An introduce about reverse osmosis technology. What is reverse osmosis? Interpreting informally, it is a reverse process of osmosis. Osmosis ... ... xem thêm

RO membranes for water purification

RO water purifier in the family Initially, the filter membrane RO was invented and the main application for the filtering of fresh water from sea water. Later, RO membranes are also used extensively in the manufacturing sector should use pure water, such as electronic circuit manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical processing and water for the nuclear power ... ... xem thêm

Production process of clean tree rocks

To produce a clean tree rocks, to the base to build a cooling system water storage cube molds. When it freezes into ice, the ice mold will be pulled up, dip and drain water to the huge ice drifting out of the mold. Each block of ice products can weigh up to 50 kg or ... ... xem thêm